Becoming The Frozen Man

So what keeps you up at night? A horrible boss? A snarky neighbor? Realizing someone other than yourself might eat that last Boston cream? For me by and large it’s familial relationships. Specifically the undercurrents which percolate at any given time amongst my siblings, or those lower down the food chain. Who said what to whom, … More Becoming The Frozen Man

Long Term Care Insurance: Channeling the Rumsfeldian ‘Known Unknowns’

With another healthcare open season just around the corner, Gorgeous and I are in the middle of some Big Discussions. Our talk is about the future, specifically a desire to predict the status of what our health will be in later years. It’s admittedly a bit of a rhetorical exercise that harks somewhat “nostalgically¹” back to Donald Rumsfeld’s … More Long Term Care Insurance: Channeling the Rumsfeldian ‘Known Unknowns’

Steely Admiration

I just trashed a post on which I’d been working for the last two days. It was ostensibly about the late Walter Becker, but really more about Steely Dan and how much I’ve enjoyed their music over the years. It didn’t take long, however, for me to discover that my knowledge of Steely Dan is … More Steely Admiration

Post Irma: Grateful

In the end we were very, very lucky. While many people in the state of Florida are facing tremendous challenges from Hurricane Irma’s destructive winds, we got through it with completely unscathed. The only thing I lost was sleep. The storm began hitting in the late afternoon with powerful rain squalls. This continued on and … More Post Irma: Grateful

Sheltering in Place for Irma: The Zen of Bodily Functions

After a day of decision, with periods of indecision tossed in for variety sake, we have decided to “shelter in place” for Hurricane Irma. As expected, the city of St. Augustine declared a mandatory evacuation late Thursday to be effective today, but our decision today is based on the current, projected path of the storm. … More Sheltering in Place for Irma: The Zen of Bodily Functions

Avoiding the Cockroach Motel: Preparing for Hurricane Irma

I pulled into a gas station yesterday with my tank just above the 3/4 mark. In spite of reports of gas shortages around the state of Florida, I drove right up to empty pumps and unceremoniously topped off my tank to the tune of a cool $12.00. I drove off feeling smug and full of gas. … More Avoiding the Cockroach Motel: Preparing for Hurricane Irma


Our brains are full! Inspiration is so rampant that ideas are literally colliding with each other! Okay, okay, not really. The truth is the Royal We have decided that it’s time to take a hiatus from blogging pursuits. Or as we used to say as kids this time of year, Summer Vacation. We’ll return in … More Hiatus

Greasy Confessions

These are days of upheaval and transition. Yes, yes, the country is suffering from a buffoon in the White House. But I’m literally speaking about matters much closer to home– namely my own. We’re moving to our “forever home” in about two weeks, and the conditions in our current one are a mite lax. Specifically I’m … More Greasy Confessions

The Art of Being Out of One’s Depth

There is current discussion on whether our president has a complete grasp and understanding for the necessities required to fulfill the duties of his office. In particular, his awareness of the need for caution, restraint, and discretion. I can sort of relate to his predicament. Many years ago someone rather high in my workplace had a habit of … More The Art of Being Out of One’s Depth