Calling In Reinforcements!

Source: MSNBC   Bylaw 1.7(a)(4-3) of this blog's charter states: “A topical post relevant to retirement must be published at least three times a year.” No matter how much I try to avoid that requirement, the home office always fires off nasty missiles on how late I am with yet another update on my retirement …

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Under Surveillance

Source: Not to go all Prairie Home Companion on you, but it's been a busy few weeks here at Snakes in the Grass. So much so, that I'm starting to be a little concerned about the seven loyal readers who dutifully follow our adventures here. I want no impeachment articles to be levied against …

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Hiatus Interruptus: “Go Back Where You Came From!”

Source: We are not the least bit amused. Even with having to sleep with one eye open on my hammock (those pesky alligators, you know), it's impossible to tune out all of the commotion during this fine, albeit sweltering July. The awful headlines easily found a way to invade my solitude. In my defense, …

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