Dumpster Diving

For a week I noticed the bike sitting behind the dumpster. It had been rejected at least twice by the garbage men, and no doubt the groundskeepers all passed on it too. It just sat there unclaimed, as if it were stranded on the Island of Misfit Toys. It was also a pawn in some kind of …

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Gratitude 2016 From A-Z

Once again I shamelessly steal a friend's annual Thanksgiving message on her Facebook page. Under my government, upon giving two attributions I may hereafter call this idea my own. If Trump feels he can change libel laws, I can make up my own rules too. Welcome back to the eighties-- greed is good! Below is my list of those things …

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The Impending Closure

One blogger's conundrum. I could write about the coming open season for health insurance. However, I've already decided that last year's post on the same topic is sufficient, and there's really no need to do constant follow-ups. You can only test your readership's patience so much with the same topic. Though, come to think of it, this never seems to …

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