Summer Blogging Hiatus / Guest Blog Post

The home office has finally noticed the large amount of unread books in my possession. Management has therefore ordered a cessation to all blog operations for the rest of the summer in order to get the backlog lowered. What am I currently reading? Mark Mills, Amagansett (2004 G.P. Putnam). Ten years after buying it in … Continue reading Summer Blogging Hiatus / Guest Blog Post


Jaunts, Junkets, and Kin

"Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city." -George Burns There's a bit of frenzied summer travel planning happening in these here parts. For the last couple of weeks each of us have been on travel sites making bookings for air travel, hotel rooms, and airport shuttle services. Except for coordinating … Continue reading Jaunts, Junkets, and Kin

Make it Two Spaces, Bartender

Just when I thought I was cool and hangin' with the hipsters for once, they went ahead and changed the rules on me. Again. I do try to stay up with trends and follow the rules which experts say will keep me safe: I'm careful about not connecting to suspicious-looking WiFi, we change the kitchen … Continue reading Make it Two Spaces, Bartender

Down is Not Very Far

I received some disturbing news recently about someone I know who has depleted all of their savings. It wasn't a surprise; the behavior they've displayed over the last several years was marked by a complete lack of discipline along with a profound and reckless disregard for consequences. A devil-may-care attitude, if you will. Although the … Continue reading Down is Not Very Far

Day Visit to Savannah

  We made a day visit to Savannah this week for its music festival (currently running there until April 14th). One of my favorite jazz artists is Hammond B3 organ great Dr. Lonnie Smith, and he was appearing with his trio for two evening performances and one earlier in the day. Although the lure of … Continue reading Day Visit to Savannah

Cabernet Sauvignon, BMW’s, and Knee Replacements: Rock On!

With a few exceptions, the musical groups I enjoy now are the same as when I was younger. They're like a few old, comfortable flannel shirts still hanging in the closet. I can't imagine tossing them, and it's not even like I wear them very often. I just want the comfort of knowing they're still … Continue reading Cabernet Sauvignon, BMW’s, and Knee Replacements: Rock On!

Degrees of Separation

Today your humble blogger is walking a very thin line. I desperately want to employ one of my patented displays of imbecilic foolishness, but instead find myself under a rare case of self-censorship. I've even had to change the title of this post four times already to avoid offending. Not making the cut were "I Spent … Continue reading Degrees of Separation