Extended Hiatus

Source: Pinterest I am taking some extended time off from blogging. Stomach-churning humor with occasional bouts of mentality will return sometime later in 2020!

Chanukah: Pleading Guilty on the Gelt

Source: World Market Today marks the first night of Chanukah. Or Hanukah if you wish, I myself am not fussy about the spelling or pronunciation. Jews tend to complicate certain words, such as those starting with "CH" by saying them in a hard, guttural sound from the Hebrew or Yiddish translations. "Challah" and "chutzpah" are …

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A Little Less Than Perfect

A recent fortune cookie of mine How do you define perfect? Webster's Third New International Dictionary defines perfection in the following way: "The quality of state or of being finished: COMPLETION, WHOLENESS. The condition of having reached full development: MATURITY, RIPENESS... an unsurpassable degree of accuracy or excellence." Full development? Maturity? Oh, dear. Ripeness has …

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