Thin Mints, Triscuit Crackers, and Ben Grauer: New Year’s Eve Memories

New Year's Eve was always special tradition in my boyhood home because it was also my parents' wedding anniversary.  Just prior to my dad being shipped off to boot camp during World War Two, those two crazy kids drove from Detroit to that romantic getaway of Napolean, Ohio, where, ostensibly, it was the equivalent of a … Continue reading Thin Mints, Triscuit Crackers, and Ben Grauer: New Year’s Eve Memories


By Any Other Name

I've been thinking a lot about vulgar language lately.  Recently, another blogger wrote a fine post on this topic, and I responded to it with a comment.  I've come to no startling, ground-breaking conclusions as I ponder all of this, but I do find myself to be a bit of a hypocrite.  I seem to have … Continue reading By Any Other Name

Green Peeves

I worked at an apartment and golf course complex in the summers of my college years. I cleaned the clubhouse floors, bathrooms, and took care of light maintenance for the pool. Most of that work took place in the morning.  In the afternoons I mowed grass around apartment buildings. The rest of my co-workers all had very specific … Continue reading Green Peeves

Snap, Crackle, Pop

Earlier today I went to my chiropractor appointment.  I went to one regularly when I lived in California because of a pain I had in my neck (provide your own joke here, I've come up empty).  I stopped seeing him when we moved to Oregon, and that turned out to be a very bad decision.  Once you stop going to … Continue reading Snap, Crackle, Pop

Of Cell Phones and the Balance of Nature

Perhaps you were holiday shopping and missed it, but there was an incredible atmospheric happening around 3:00pm EST on Saturday. The sun exploded and colored the sky in celebration of something truly eventful. If you did see it, I can certainly appreciate that you might have thought it had something to do about you. Sadly, I'm sorry … Continue reading Of Cell Phones and the Balance of Nature

Then Again, Maybe I Just Like How it Tastes

For a period of about ten years I lived, breathed, and thought about wine nearly every day. I subscribed to weekly food and wine newsletters from major California and Oregon newspapers, read books on wine making, and used words such as terroir and varietal. I'm sure I said those words when I visited wine stores, or at a dinner table with friends and family.  I would … Continue reading Then Again, Maybe I Just Like How it Tastes