Endearments, Expressions, and Sanctions

When you marry for the second time, you slowly come to realize that you and your spouse each have different frames of reference.  Prior to this marriage there was a previous one where words and phrases were used differently.  Things were said and joked about in that relationship, and from those moments a different "marital lexicon" of sorts was created. … Continue reading Endearments, Expressions, and Sanctions


Fair-Weather Attention Span

Recently another blogger wrote a fine piece about his impressions of the current era in professional sports.  I share his feelings that there were better examples of athletes, owners, and fans back in what he refers to as "the good old days."  My own interest in sports has waned quite a bit in the last ten years … Continue reading Fair-Weather Attention Span

Snow, Sleet, and…. Sea Shells

The northeast is bracing for what may or may not be an epic storm hitting them later tonight.  News outlets like to use words such as epic, historic, crippling, paralyzing, etc. to maximize the importance of both the event itself and their coverage of it.   It's the time of year when local TV stations get to roll out … Continue reading Snow, Sleet, and…. Sea Shells

Chillin’ With Mr. Whipple

Every Sunday afternoon I sit at the dining room table and my wife stifles a smirk as she comes into the vicinity.  I no longer look up to see her expression because I can hear the faint, suppressed snort of the unspoken: "Oh look, there he is going at it again. Isn't that just adorable?"  But just … Continue reading Chillin’ With Mr. Whipple

The Waiting Room

As a few of my good friends know, I will sometimes do anything to slip in a Genesis reference into my writing (Hi, S).  The "Waiting Room" is a song from their iconic album, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway.  Today, as I waited for Gorgeous in yet another of this week's visits to doctors, … Continue reading The Waiting Room

Tiaras and Truffles

  It is early Sunday evening as I type this, and we are still a few hours away from tonight's Downton Abbey episode.  After a challenging evening for my wife last night, I shelled out a whopping $10 earlier today at a beach boutique for a mini tiara to cheer her.  I am going to ask that she … Continue reading Tiaras and Truffles

The Folded-Up Paper in My Wallet

Another blogger recently posted a very eloquent piece on self-fulfillment that is quite moving.  She writes about a list that she created over two years ago but forgot about until just recently when she discovered it again.  Her list details personal needs and goals that she hoped to achieve during what was then a low moment in her life. That she has been … Continue reading The Folded-Up Paper in My Wallet

Stocks and Stares

A friend of my wife's recently wanted my thoughts on a stock that she is holding.  She bought a couple hundred shares of a fast-moving penny stock that has returned an incomprehensible 62% for the last six weeks.  Why she wanted my opinion I'm not sure. I assume Gorgeous must have mentioned in passing that I enjoy reading about the stock … Continue reading Stocks and Stares

Turn Your Head and Cough

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the person I hope will be my new permanent physician.  He is the third doctor I have had in the last four years.  When you move too much, and you have constant upheaval because of it, it can lead to inconsistent medical care, differing advice, and too many opportunities for details to slip … Continue reading Turn Your Head and Cough

Electronic Warfare

A friend of mine recently bemoaned the state of electronic gadgetry in our lives (Hi, B). Specifically, his complaint is with phones and how everything is more about evasion and rationalizing the insincerity of our contacts with one another.  In my friend's mind, the origins of all of this go back to sometime in the … Continue reading Electronic Warfare