Anticipatory Rewards

It was a dark and stormy night...   Oh, who am I kidding?  Better to leave the fiction writing for those best suited to it. Nevertheless it was dark, rainy, and overcast earlier today.  This made for a good opportunity to put on our rain coats for a walk and see some wildlife.  Since moving to … Continue reading Anticipatory Rewards


Discourteous Habits

Dearest Readers, my sincerest apologies for information that I am about to convey.  It is not my intention for this blog to be a reservoir of personal hygiene indiscretions.  Those are certainly better left for the privacy of my non-posting life.  However, a recent and persistent habit of your humble blogger ultimately reached a level today where it necessitates … Continue reading Discourteous Habits

Boredom Decorum

I noticed in a Washington Post article today that the new Secretary of Defense is about to convene an important summit in Kuwait.  He has summoned military commanders from their respective posts in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe for a review of the ongoing war on terror.  What caught my eye was his order that … Continue reading Boredom Decorum

A Matter of Taste

A proud moment during my post-divorce bachelor period was when I bought a Keurig coffee maker.  I was living under a very restrictive budget but had just completed the most difficult part because of tax reasons. Once my accountant gave me the green light, a small bit of cash again began to flow directly to me instead of the government.  It … Continue reading A Matter of Taste

Transitioning From Achievement to Ephemeral

An interesting post by another blogger has touched a nerve.  She writes of receiving a less than satisfying recognition from her organization in observance of the tenth anniversary of her employment.  I can relate to this.  While I had my own share of insincere exchanges with management during my own career, what got my attention in her post-- and I … Continue reading Transitioning From Achievement to Ephemeral

Cupid’s Ironic Aim

I am fastening my seat belt for what might be a disappointing Valentine's Day.  As I type this early on Saturday morning (Valentine's Day), my wife is in the bedroom sleeping very hard.  I could say that a very loud sound is emanating from the room, but she is adamant that she does not snore. Tip O'Neill … Continue reading Cupid’s Ironic Aim

I’ll See If I Can Fit You In

Recently I came across some pocket calendars that I used in the 1990's.  It was amazing to look at my life at a glance with doctor appointments, lunch dates, sporting events, and work meetings.  There are names of people who I can no longer recall, but with whom I apparently met for lunch on several occasions; … Continue reading I’ll See If I Can Fit You In

Forcin’ the Endorphins

It was nine months ago that we quit our previous gym membership in Oregon shortly before I retired and relocated to Florida.  When I last blogged on this topic in November, we were considering using the fitness center at our community's clubhouse.  "Fitness Center" is what those second-rate chain hotels call the small, cramped rooms that hold their exercise equipment.  Sadly, our little community here … Continue reading Forcin’ the Endorphins

“It’s All a Process”

A wonderful benefit of blogging under the WordPress umbrella is that you get to read the efforts of some very talented writers.  When a case of writer's block comes my way, lately an unfortunate weekly occurrence, I am heartened when I can read something by someone else that inspires me.  Or it makes me a terrible, plagiarizing copycat -- I'm not sure which. Today … Continue reading “It’s All a Process”