Discourteous Habits

Dearest Readers, my sincerest apologies for information that I am about to convey.  It is not my intention for this blog to be a reservoir of personal hygiene indiscretions.  Those are certainly better left for the privacy of my non-posting life.  However, a recent and persistent habit of your humble blogger ultimately reached a level today where it necessitates … Continue reading Discourteous Habits

Transitioning From Achievement to Ephemeral

An interesting post by another blogger has touched a nerve.  She writes of receiving a less than satisfying recognition from her organization in observance of the tenth anniversary of her employment.  I can relate to this.  While I had my own share of insincere exchanges with management during my own career, what got my attention in her post-- and I … Continue reading Transitioning From Achievement to Ephemeral

Forcin’ the Endorphins

It was nine months ago that we quit our previous gym membership in Oregon shortly before I retired and relocated to Florida.  When I last blogged on this topic in November, we were considering using the fitness center at our community's clubhouse.  "Fitness Center" is what those second-rate chain hotels call the small, cramped rooms that hold their exercise equipment.  Sadly, our little community here … Continue reading Forcin’ the Endorphins

“It’s All a Process”

A wonderful benefit of blogging under the WordPress umbrella is that you get to read the efforts of some very talented writers.  When a case of writer's block comes my way, lately an unfortunate weekly occurrence, I am heartened when I can read something by someone else that inspires me.  Or it makes me a terrible, plagiarizing copycat -- I'm not sure which. Today … Continue reading “It’s All a Process”