Did You Hear??

In spite of all of my better instincts, I have developed a quasi-addiction to a gossip site called Crazy Days and Nights. Its main feature is something called a "blind," which offers rumors and scandals about celebrities. Regular followers of the site chip in with comments under each blind that help to guess the identity of the person under scrutiny, be … Continue reading Did You Hear??


Insurance Tales: My Cure For Your Insomnia!

"There are worse things in life than death. Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance salesman? " -- Woody Allen   My apologies ahead of time for the very dry material I am presenting today. But I'm afraid my hands are tied because of certain housekeeping requirements. Just like having to ingest a dose of castor oil, the charter … Continue reading Insurance Tales: My Cure For Your Insomnia!

The Nightlights Will Protect Us

A hurricane named Matthew is approaching. In fact Matthew's expected path and initial approach is pretty much exactly where we live in the Treasure Coast of Florida. Our saving grace, such as it is, is that our home is a good 10 miles from the actual coast. Of course, 10 miles is really nothing what with tomorrow's initial wind speeds … Continue reading The Nightlights Will Protect Us

What, No Champagne or Party Hats?

Happy New Year! Let your hair down and crack open that bottle of...  Moet and Manischewitz??? Rosh Hashanah starts this evening at sundown. Jewish holidays for the most part always begin at sundown, which when I was a kid made me think of gun duels in cowboy movies. I mentioned that to my mother once but received a stern rebuke in response: "This … Continue reading What, No Champagne or Party Hats?