The Thin Line of Judgment

Late last year I decided to see what it would be like to spend an entire year staying off of Facebook. The site had slowly become a place where I was developing an unhealthy disregard for people and their opinions. Instead of something fun or positive, I ended up casting negative judgments on friends and family for whatever …

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Writer’s Block Ruminations

Two unfinished posts are currently sitting in my WordPress draft folder, both victims of a nasty case of a writer's block that is impeding what normally masquerades as creativity around here. As I await the return of genius, here are some "droppings" that are squatters in my grey matter at the moment... With the fall TV …

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Shoes Dropping, Doors Opening

Lately I've been experiencing some of what comedian Louis CK refers to as White People Problems. This is when middle class people like myself encounter "problems" that those less fortunate would view as something akin to a scrape on the knee. Former ice skater Nancy Kerrigan's plaintive cry of "Why, why, why?" has more credibility than my own weeping act, …

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