Auld Lang Insane

Well. That was certainly an experience. I'm speaking of 2017, of course. Or to use former president George W. Bush's more apt phrasing, "That was some weird shit." But never mind him, how did YOU make out, dear reader? Did you cringe with each news cycle or somehow just gut it out over the last … Continue reading Auld Lang Insane


Holiday Excursions and Diversions: Finding My Inner Grantham

What with two out-patient surgeries, plus the discomfort of having to walk around for eight days with a urologic stent implanted in me, your humble blogger and the missus took in some of the holiday festivities of our newly adopted home city. What's a little pain when you can stimulate the local economy and get into … Continue reading Holiday Excursions and Diversions: Finding My Inner Grantham

Flash Takes a Backseat

So where do your day-dream exploits take you? A celebrated chef? Perhaps a king of Wall Street traders? How about an Oscar win for best actor/actress? Are you famous beyond belief or just privately revered by a few? I've definitely had my share of Walter Mitty moments, almost all inspired by personal heroes of mine. … Continue reading Flash Takes a Backseat

Chump Change

For most of my adult life I've struggled with the fact that I keep very little money in my wallet. It's not that I wastefully piss it away or have no self-control, it's just that I purposely don't want to carry much around with me. I'm not worried about being mugged, nor am I concerned … Continue reading Chump Change