Unceremonious Offerings

Ignorance is bliss. And my cable company is making sure I stay that way for the next couple of weeks. In a previous post, I wrote about watching scads of TV while my wife was away on a trip. I also made reference to Newton Minnow's 1961 speech to the National Association of Broadcasters where he famously referred to television programming as …

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In Solidarity

This blog is ostensibly about my experiences related to early retirement. I also enjoy exploring the imbecilic and absurdities of daily life so that we can all share in an occasional laugh. Today I was all set to post something that falls into the latter category. However, suddenly I'm not in a laughing mood. The tragic …

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Aha! I Knew There Was a Reason I Worked in Public Service

Any career fantasy I've ever had in my life has always been firmly planted in Walter Mitty-type pipe dreams. At various times I've been a TV news anchor, a singer in a band, or an astronaut. These are reveries into which I would escape during boring meetings, long car trips, or sitting in an examining room waiting for …

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