An Unscheduled Writing Break

At some point perhaps in the future, it might be fun to write about the blogger who learned first-hand of the dangers involving water glasses and laptops in close proximity.  But for now suffice to say that said blogger is VERY grateful for the purchase of an AppleCare Protection Plan a couple of years ago. I am now in awe …

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Tattoo You

While watching the Emmy Awards last weekend, I was struck by the sheer number of tattoos on so many of the presenters, particularly the females.  Men can hide tattoos by wearing long pants and jackets.  Women, however, with their low neck lines and open dresses, display much more skin and therefore tend to show off their tattoos.  Although body art …

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Irony on the Rocks: A Retort

That wickedly funny and creative blogger at Aging Gracefully My Ass has written a most provocative post on the merits, or rather demerits, of ice consumption.  I say "provocative" because AGMA has broadcast her dislike for ice in direct and unambiguous language.  But for those of us who not only enjoy ice, yet also consider it to be part of the …

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