Road Trips: Past and Present

In the summer of 1969 my dad and I drove to Miami Beach from our home in the Detroit suburbs. We were on a rescue mission of sorts, trying to get down there as quickly as possible to meet up with my mom and sister. They had been there for nearly two weeks, commuting each day between their … Continue reading Road Trips: Past and Present


Out of Touch

Being out on a road trip inevitably means that you travel in a bit of a bubble. Text messages from friends and loved ones force allow you to keep in touch. If free WiFi is available, one can choose to glance through an alarming number of e-mail accumulated by the absence from a routine. Were it not … Continue reading Out of Touch

All This and Free Doughnuts Too

I joined AARP like the majority of Americans do in the year that I turned 50. There were the usual jokes from friends and family about becoming old and gray, and then I mostly forgot about it. Once a month their magazine arrives in the mail, and that gives me an opportunity to see what famous … Continue reading All This and Free Doughnuts Too