Last Call!

Carefree on Miami Beach, 6/26/2020 Source: NY Post “As we stand here today, all 50 states and territories across the country are opening up, and safely and responsibly."Vice Président Pence, June 26, 2020 Bars here in Florida are closing yet again. Darn the luck. I hadn't actually gotten to one yet, but sitting amongst some … Continue reading Last Call!

Part-Time Job Return: Sartorially Awkward Anyone?

Ah, yes. The pursuit of the almighty dollar. Even your humble blogger, a progressively-leaning, socially distant, chardonnay-swilling, Dr. Fauci-loving, and about whom the six of you out there know and love: yes, me! I too couldn't resist the opportunity join the rest of the maddening crowd and dip my toes back into the 'ol workplace. … Continue reading Part-Time Job Return: Sartorially Awkward Anyone?