Tax Refunds and Stress Tests: An Early Retirement Milestone

Right in the middle of making popcorn one evening last week the phone rang. A perfect example of snack interruptus. As I continue to mend from a recent surgery, snacks are pretty much the only excitement I have at the moment. The call was from our accountant and her timing couldn't have been worse. The new season of "Humans" was just about to start, and I … Continue reading Tax Refunds and Stress Tests: An Early Retirement Milestone


The Catch 22

I am recovering now from my recent hernia surgery, and I keep thinking how funny it might be to channel my late mother for this blog post. Mom loved to milk every single medical malady from which she ever suffered. Cousins of mine to this day continue to experience PTSD symptoms from having sat next to her at holiday meals. To her, no … Continue reading The Catch 22

Disorder In The House

Disorder in the house There's a flaw in the system And the fly in the ointment's gonna bring the whole thing down The floodgates are open We've let the demons loose The big guns have spoken And we've fallen for the ruse (Warren Zevon) Thinking.... thinking hard. Okay, okay, hear me out with this: I've … Continue reading Disorder In The House