The Ice Cream Dilemma

Most people approaching retirement plot it all out by attending seminars, getting estimates from HR, and then taking multiple trips to the water cooler thinking, "Oh my God, can I pull this off?"  I was no different, except in my own case I only had a few months to figure it all out. As expected, the biggest … Continue reading The Ice Cream Dilemma


A Rolo What?

Two weeks before I retired, I was asked to go on one last business trip.  A co-worker in another city would be taking over one of my duties, and I needed to spend a day or so showing her the ropes.  Some of the work involved working from home and logging into the system using a VPN account. … Continue reading A Rolo What?


I'll be cheating on my wife tomorrow morning.  I'll get to that in a moment, though. Our decision to move to Florida was a quick one.  I had been transferred to Oregon by my job less than a year before.  But for many reasons we found ourselves unhappy in dark, cloudy, and constantly raining Portland.  The … Continue reading Infidelity

Don’t Raise Your Eye, It’s Only Senior Wasteland

Prior to retiring, I envisioned very simple, initial pursuits for myself.  I suspect Gorgeous wishes that they might be a little more robust, but for the moment they are exactly what I want.  Later, when I feel I finally have my bearings in this new life, I'll tackle more adventurous tasks, such as the utter elimination of … Continue reading Don’t Raise Your Eye, It’s Only Senior Wasteland

A Pack of Luckies, a Slim Jim, and a Lotto, Please

I love convenience stores.  Even though they charge $4.00 for a dozen eggs, there's something completely decadent about going into one.  They always seem to have magazines that I've never seen before (and no, not the ones behind the counter), really cool counter candy such as Ice Cubes, and also plain regular coffee that you can … Continue reading A Pack of Luckies, a Slim Jim, and a Lotto, Please

When A Former Boss Is No Longer Your Boss

I had many bosses at my former job.  My actual boss worked at our organization's headquarters in another city.  Other than periodic phone calls and e-mails, I only saw him once a year at our annual conference.  Although I worked directly and officially for him, there were several people at my own location who were in positions … Continue reading When A Former Boss Is No Longer Your Boss

Middle Age Peep Show

When our landlord showed us our rental condo for the first time, she was very proud of all the window treatments.  She showed how they provided a great amount of privacy while also giving us an opportunity to look outside.   "Hey, cool," we thought.  One-way viewing at its finest. The living room has sheer … Continue reading Middle Age Peep Show

Tranquility? Or a Killing Field?

The community where we live is surrounded by a golf course.  The entire property is  beautifully landscaped with lush, tropical plantings and many water ponds.  On our morning and evening walks we will often stop to watch wildlife such as egrets, pelicans of all varieties, blue herons, pink flamingos, soft-shell turtles, and alligators.  Occasionally a couple … Continue reading Tranquility? Or a Killing Field?