Tears in My Beers

In the very back of our refrigerator rests an untouched six-pack of Michelob. It was purchased several weeks ago for a visiting friend whose drink of choice is beer. That friend decided not to drink alcohol during her visit, however. So there the beer sits behind a jar of Spanish queen garlic-stuffed olives and a package of fresh … Continue reading Tears in My Beers


The Catbird Seat of Indignation

I have been suffering from some rounds of bureaucratic pushback lately. Things that I think are easy to accomplish, or at least not particularly challenging, have instead become ridiculously complicated. They are, if you'll excuse the lame commercial usage, my Maalox moments. Not to get too crunchy on you, but in spite of the setbacks I am … Continue reading The Catbird Seat of Indignation

Fear and Loathing the Powerball

I probably speak for many when I say how glad I am that someone finally won the big Powerball jackpot. In addition to the frenzied atmosphere it created at all the places where tickets are sold, it was also making my head swim with possibilities and contingencies in the off-chance that I actually won. I … Continue reading Fear and Loathing the Powerball


One of my favorite movies is Albert Brooks' "Lost in America." There's a scene midway in the film when he wakes up in a Las Vegas hotel room only to find that his wife (played by Julie Hagerty) is downstairs in the casino losing all of their nest egg. Wearing his bathrobe, Brooks heads down to … Continue reading Down!