Finding My Edge

It all started with the hair.  Since retiring, I have been roaming my environs with a brush cut haircut that requires absolutely no maintenance or thought towards fashion sense. From the shower, just towel off and away we go.   But between the classic H.R. Haldeman look and the daily coordinates of cargo shorts and jersey shirts, I have … Continue reading Finding My Edge


Vitamin Vagaries

Lately I've been poring over all kinds of reading material about vitamins and supplements. Lots of web sites, doctor office pamphlets, and one book in particular on health and medicine.  After a two-year avoidance, I am making a shift back to vitamin usage.  Just like the occasional news stories about whether coffee or a glass of alcohol is actually good for … Continue reading Vitamin Vagaries

Interrupted By Evil

I have a draft sitting in my WordPress folder that I started 24 hours ago.  It's what I hope will be a comical look at vitamin consumption.  However, all yesterday afternoon and evening, and now in the light of a new day, my brain is unable to produce anything remotely creative.  Or at least what regularly substitutes for creativity … Continue reading Interrupted By Evil

Pity For Prada

According to a recent story in the Washington Post, it appears that expensive trappings such as handbags, jewelry, luggage, shoes, etc., are now considered to be déclassé.    Conformity is taking a backseat to individuality.  Shoppers are looking for non-brand and discrete products that eschew any kind of obvious affluence.  Income disparity is in and conspicuous consumption … Continue reading Pity For Prada

But Seriously Folks

As regular followers of this blog know, I try not to weigh into controversial topics very much. Except when I do. There is a bit of a hue and cry over questionable comments made recently by a Nobel laureate professor of medicine in London, with the issue sparking a fair amount of commentary in news columns … Continue reading But Seriously Folks

Taming the Impatient ‘Tude

I am at my ten month mark of retirement.  This is no cause for celebration, nor am I marking any special moment by mentioning it.  I am, however, taking time to observe that unfortunately I still act and move about my world as a man who has very little time or patience for life's daily interactions.  Intellectually I … Continue reading Taming the Impatient ‘Tude

With Six Hacks You Get Egg Roll

The news reports from today are that hackers from China recently penetrated into the online files of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) in Washington, DC.  OPM is the agency of the federal government that is responsible for the management of current and retired federal employees.  It is the entity that pays my monthly annuity, arranges health … Continue reading With Six Hacks You Get Egg Roll

Awe and Admiration

Our moving last year to a community that has a sizable senior population has been a surprisingly easy adjustment for us.  With the exception of some of the visiting snowbirds during the Season, we find nearly everyone with whom we come into contact to be welcoming, friendly, and interesting.  Since we are still quite young, I had been … Continue reading Awe and Admiration