Kiss and Tell Vanities

Oh, Carly, Carly, Carly. Really? You couldn't just rest on your laurels and allow us to remain blissfully ignorant, huh? If you've otherwise been distracted by more important international news recently, you may have missed a news story that holds some significance for a segment of the boomer population, and probably the Trivia Night manager at your neighborhood bar too. Regardless of one's … Continue reading Kiss and Tell Vanities

Do You Have That in Something Other Than Blue?

It's that time of year when many of us are offered an opportunity to review or maybe change health insurance plans. Many people do nothing, opting to stay under a coverage in which they are either satisfied or feel it's the devil that they at least know. Others switch providers to escape a policy with terrible coverage, or perhaps because their current plan will no … Continue reading Do You Have That in Something Other Than Blue?

My Life Insurance Policy Will Be The Death of Me

It was my intention this week to write about health insurance. Today, however, the frustration level over a life insurance policy I own has reached such heights that the only healthy way for me to work though my annoyance is to write about it. As I learned from a previous posting when we explored the always fun … Continue reading My Life Insurance Policy Will Be The Death of Me

Sensitivity Training

My home is not in any danger for an invasion of unwarranted political correctness. I have not made any purposeful attempts to monitor speech or free expression, nor have I made it a desire to suppress original thought. Gorgeous does continue to keep a watchful eye on the gratuitous use of profanity and four-letter-words, however. Instead, what's surfaced is something even … Continue reading Sensitivity Training