Care For Some Ketchup With That Crow?

Okay, let's be honest here (says the man who writes a quasi-anonymous blog).  Can we please have a show of hands of those who have ever mistakenly sent out an embarrassing e-mail?  Oh, come now, we can do better than that.  You there!  Yes, you, the woman with the cool-looking glasses hiding behind her laptop screen eating that … Continue reading Care For Some Ketchup With That Crow?

The Tin Ear

My wife doesn't seem to appreciate my songwriting abilities, specifically the most recent one titled "Medicated Shampoo Wednesday."¹  She thinks even less of its companion piece, "Medicated Shampoo Saturday," which in fact is actually the same exact song performed on, you guessed it, Saturday.   Like other artists since the beginning of time, I suffer through spoken and unspoken … Continue reading The Tin Ear

Arc of a Diver

I've been thinking quite a bit about perfection lately.  After unconditonal love, security, and happiness, I believe it is one of the most illusive of desires. Perfection can only really be a singular attribute.  It is usually noticeable by one characteristic: how something is done by someone else.  We will occasionally use the word in a sweeping way to describe an individual in … Continue reading Arc of a Diver

Dignity in the Eye of the Beholder

We see them on the sides of roadways, interstates, under bridges, and at dangerous intersections.  They are those plastic memorials to remember those killed in an accident. Each are constructed to be weather-proof so that they can withstand the punishment of a hard rain or snowstorm.  I often look at them as I drive swiftly by, wondering more … Continue reading Dignity in the Eye of the Beholder