Memorial Day and The Little Grill That Could

My Facebook page is full of friends who are observing Memorial Day.  There are posts asking me to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of their country.  I am also seeing pictures of grandfathers, fathers, brothers, and now too, I'm inspired to note, mothers and sisters who have also proudly served our country's armed forces. Hats … Continue reading Memorial Day and The Little Grill That Could

Retirement Pitfalls

Until I received my latest copy of NARFE Magazine¹, I suddenly realized that I hadn't fully considered all of my post-retirement options. I've thought about employment, non-employment, travel, reading, writing, and lots of television viewing.  But one thing I never considered was prison.  Prison does offer an opportunity for great writing.  Martin Luther King Jr., Oscar Wilde, … Continue reading Retirement Pitfalls

Charlatans, Fakes, and Frauds

I was hoodwinked recently by an unscrupulous eBay seller.  I bought an auction item for which I was the winning bidder, but then I simply never received it after a respectable waiting period. My spidey senses weren't operating as they should have been from the outset, though.  Bidding was relentless with counter-offers taking place within literally seconds of … Continue reading Charlatans, Fakes, and Frauds

Imports and Exports

In the aftermath of the recent riots in Baltimore, Karen Attiah of the Washington Post wrote a clever account of the events as if actually reported by foreign press outlets.  I enjoyed her satirist execution because it mirrors a similar kind of hypocritical arrogance that western media employ when reporting or discussing the treatment of minorities and ethnic groups in other countries.  Americans are always … Continue reading Imports and Exports