Living in an Elevator

Sonically, things have entered into a kind of strange Other World in our household lately.   A generous, some might even say gratuitous, serving of spa and new age music seems to now fill our afternoons.  Some of this has to do with the need for Gorgeous to have soothing, non-interfering sounds so that she can concentrate on her clients. … Continue reading Living in an Elevator


Auto Repair Charade

As I write this posting, I am sitting in the waiting room of my local Toyota dealership. Milton, my 2007 Matrix, is receiving his scheduled 5,000 mile maintenance service today. It hasn't actually been 5000 miles since his last visit, but when the red reminder light goes on I faithfully bring him in anyhow. My knowledge of … Continue reading Auto Repair Charade

Selling Out

Who knew that a simple blog about retirement could bring Madison Avenue to my door? Okay, okay it was actually Wacker Drive, but I'm about to come the closest I'll ever be to impersonating Don Draper. Will you settle for Harry Crane? After only eight months of writing posts that aim mostly at the non-sensical, I have … Continue reading Selling Out

Familiarity Breeding Contempt

By my rough estimate, I have been a fan of Bill Cosby for approximately 46 years.  Only the Beatles, Smokey Robinson, and Don Rickles go back any further of the famous entertainers that I've admired since I was a small boy. The first time I heard a Cosby comedy album it was his routine on Noah building … Continue reading Familiarity Breeding Contempt

Invading My Privates

The Washington Post newspaper has of late become very intimate with me.  Where before I was subjected to short Geico or Progressive car insurance ads before I could read my article, I am now being reminded that I am a late middle-aged male who might be prone to erectile dysfunction.  The Post is interested in how my body operates … Continue reading Invading My Privates