Old Friends

A recent contact from my oldest friend sends me upstairs to the attic of my memories... The apocryphal story was always told that our mothers met one day, liked one another immediately, and spontaneously tossed their toddlers into a playpen. From there the two boys became pals for life. Like most tales told many times over, it probably contains a fair amount of exaggeration. … Continue reading Old Friends


Birthday Benevolence

This coming Saturday is my wife's birthday. We are currently wrapping out heads around how we'll spend the day and also what kind of present to get for her. She's already rejected going to a fancy restaurant for a meal that would exceed $100. I've since offered her an item off her bucket list for a present, along … Continue reading Birthday Benevolence

Neighborly Advice

I once had a professor who liked to joke about being grateful for his envious colleagues. He said that because of their own peculiar manners, they insured that no one one in close proximity could ever suffer from swollen head syndrome. He then explained how there was an unwritten custom in his department against anyone exhibiting the slightest outward display of pride or elation if one was fortunate enough … Continue reading Neighborly Advice

All Quiet on the Blogging Range

The no-spill laptop is repaired, but the blogging has been slowed by a nasty case of writer's block. Or maybe laziness. But I'm going with writer's block-- It sounds more intellectual. As I wait for irony, self-deprecation, and imbecile inspiration to again tap from my fingers, I notice that our favorite TV and film reviewer over at Just Me … Continue reading All Quiet on the Blogging Range