All Quiet on the Blogging Range

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

The no-spill laptop is repaired, but the blogging has been slowed by a nasty case of writer’s block. Or maybe laziness. But I’m going with writer’s block– It sounds more intellectual.

As I wait for irony, self-deprecation, and imbecile inspiration to again tap from my fingers, I notice that our favorite TV and film reviewer over at Just Me Mike is churning out reviews left and right lately on the new television season. Check him out!

6 thoughts on “All Quiet on the Blogging Range

  1. Maybe it’s the season or maybe you need a reason. This past month has been notorious for it’s lack of inspiration. I blame it on the death of my cat or all the outside work closing up for the season. You blame it on your laptop. Excuses abound but not inspiration. I should check out your TV reviewer. I have been disappointed on a couple of my favorite shows. Maybe I’m alone but maybe not.

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    1. I’ve actually started two and never finished. Now I’ve got a third in a draft which I think will actually get finished. There’s been some additional family drama here, so that’s taken me away from writing too. Life does get in the way sometimes. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for the high praise Marty.

    What I’ve learned is that no blog post gets written based on a schedule. Inspiration comes from within even when the subject is an external event or thing. Like I watched both of the seasonal premieres of The Good Wife and Madame Secretary last Sunday night..

    But aside from the fact that both of these shows reverted their lead character back to a state that they occupied before, I haven’t yet found an entry point for a blog post review of either show.. Alicia Florick, of The Good Wife began the series as the wife of politician who came through a scandal and he is now heading for jail. So she had to go out and join the work force. She was an attorney with no clients and no cases. That was September 22nd 2009.

    In this year’s season premier which aired on October 4th, 2015 Alicia is again facing the unknown. She’s still an attorney, and has just come out on the far end of her own political scandal. So she’s re-starting as an attorney witout a case, clients, or even an office.

    Madam Secretary began last year on September 21st, 2014 with a College professor being asked by the President to become the Secretary of State because the plane carrying the Secretary of State went down with no survivors.

    This year – The President’s own plane has issues. When the comm links fail, and the Presidential Air Force One cannot be reached, The Secretary of State is ushered in as president – I’m guessing the VP was on the same plane. So what worked as the beginning of the series, was trotted out to begin Season 2.

    Fortunately the Air Force One did not go down, So Madam Secretary’s occupation of the Oval Office as POTUS was short lived. Hours as it were.

    My point – I haven’t yet found anything else to say about either show. .The again Homeland is also on tonight.

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  3. Was wondering where you’d gone to Marty. Nice to see you ‘back’ if only for an update. The blogging mojo will return before long, it always does. In the meantime, chill, sit back, read and wait for the inspiration to find you.

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