An Unscheduled Writing Break


At some point perhaps in the future, it might be fun to write about the blogger who learned first-hand of the dangers involving water glasses and laptops in close proximity.  But for now suffice to say that said blogger is VERY grateful for the purchase of an AppleCare Protection Plan a couple of years ago.

I am now in awe of bloggers who write posts using their smart phones. You do have my admiration.  I unfortunately can’t get past the tiny keyboards. I’ve also discovered that the mental acuity needed to compose something meaningful on such a miniature screen is also beyond my capabilities.  My brain/hand limit for phone composition apparently is, “Was that an onion or garlic that you said you needed?”

This accident-prone technophobe will thus have to wait until his laptop is returned in a working state again.  Until then, happy writing and keep that beverage far, far away.

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