Be It Therefore Resolved…

For as long as I can recall, I have always made at least one or two resolutions at the beginning of the new year. There's something about a fresh start and clean slate that makes me feel as if all things are possible. I am careful never to overreach, nor make promises that are unattainable or impractical. … Continue reading Be It Therefore Resolved…


Lend Me Your Ears

Among all the many early retirement activities at my disposal -- reading, yoga, cooking, traveling, avoiding all forms of work, etc.-- the one thing I hadn't prepared myself for just yet was the opportunity to meet with medical specialists. But in the space of the last 30 days, Gorgeous and I have been to medical practices for ear nose … Continue reading Lend Me Your Ears

Renewed Faith

Note: This post has blissfully sat in draft form since last fall's papal visit to the U.S. Since that time I've either been reflecting on my thoughts about organized religion, or most likely just ignoring the draft out of laziness. I am, however, recently inspired by another blogger's work, the always engaging Victo Dolore at Behind … Continue reading Renewed Faith

Identity Crisis

Although it took several months since the news first broke, late last week I received official confirmation from the federal government's Office of Personnel Management (OPM) that my identity is included in the second breach of their system data. I am now twice blessed. Unlike my unwitting participation in the first breach, when individual personnel records of active and … Continue reading Identity Crisis

Blogger In Place

As I've written many times before here, this is a blog devoted to imbecility, comic exaggeration, and healthy doses of self-deprecation. After a 30+ year career in which I pretended to be a mild-mannered adult with serious aspirations, I now enjoy displaying my actual and true persona of being a total goof. I know I accomplished … Continue reading Blogger In Place