Summer Blogging Hiatus / Guest Blog Post

Source: The Adult Man

The home office has finally noticed the large amount of unread books in my possession. Management has therefore ordered a cessation to all blog operations for the rest of the summer in order to get the backlog lowered.

What am I currently reading? Mark Mills, Amagansett (2004 G.P. Putnam). Ten years after buying it in a used bookstore, I am finally getting around to it!

But before I take my leave, I do hope you’ll join the party over at Retirementally Challenged for a guest post that I’ve written as part of Janis’s “GratiTuesday” series. You can check it out by clicking here.

Fear not: Snakes in the Grass’ patented offering of imbecility, stomach-churning humor, and libelous contemplations will return in the fall!

Have a great summer!



24 thoughts on “Summer Blogging Hiatus / Guest Blog Post

    1. Thanks, Jill! Yes, I realized between reading all the blogs I follow (which I love, of course), spending time thinking and writing my own posts, etc., I was falling seriously behind in all of my reading — books and magazines. So a little catch-up period will help. 🙂

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