Candles, Flashlights and Pink Floyd: Hurricane Preparedness For Novices

Four days short of our one-year anniversary of retiring to Florida, we are getting to experience the first brush of what makes the residents here such hearty souls -- a possible hurricane scare. I say possible because no one actually knows what will happen.  Tropical Storm Erika has already been responsible for destructive flooding in Dominica with …

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The “Rice For The Children” Defense

The stock market is tanking. If I understand it correctly, the initial reason stems from China having devalued its currency. For most of the day yesterday, it looked as if there might be a "correction to the correction."  Or more aptly put from all I've read about the Chinese economy, "a correction to the corruption." Alas, a recovery was not meant …

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Wandering Jews

Dig our living room's current state of feng shui.  Whoever said that clutter is inharmonious to a home's energy balance is nothing but a big killjoy.  I am sure of this because each time I haul out my treasures that have been tucked away drawers and closets, I feel as if I'm attending a big family reunion -- thankfully without the undercurrents of resentment. …

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