Candles, Flashlights and Pink Floyd: Hurricane Preparedness For Novices

Four days short of our one-year anniversary of retiring to Florida, we are getting to experience the first brush of what makes the residents here such hearty souls -- a possible hurricane scare. I say possible because no one actually knows what will happen.  Tropical Storm Erika has already been responsible for destructive flooding in Dominica with … Continue reading Candles, Flashlights and Pink Floyd: Hurricane Preparedness For Novices


The “Rice For The Children” Defense

The stock market is tanking. If I understand it correctly, the initial reason stems from China having devalued its currency. For most of the day yesterday, it looked as if there might be a "correction to the correction."  Or more aptly put from all I've read about the Chinese economy, "a correction to the corruption." Alas, a recovery was not meant … Continue reading The “Rice For The Children” Defense

Color Coded

The move to our new rental condo is completed.  We still have some boxes haphazardly sitting in parts of the living room, each of us no doubt waiting for the other to take charge of what's in them. In spite of that, closets are now mostly organized, clothes are settling into their final destinations, and thankfully the … Continue reading Color Coded

The End of the Innocence

In my day... In my day, smoking pot was safe.  The only real danger from it lurked in the calories that we gained from consuming Belgium waffles at the Elias Brother's Big Boy.  That component, of course, came from the last stage of the pot smoking experience, the hallowed Munchies.  Most of the other aspects of it … Continue reading The End of the Innocence

Wandering Jews

Dig our living room's current state of feng shui.  Whoever said that clutter is inharmonious to a home's energy balance is nothing but a big killjoy.  I am sure of this because each time I haul out my treasures that have been tucked away drawers and closets, I feel as if I'm attending a big family reunion -- thankfully without the undercurrents of resentment. … Continue reading Wandering Jews

The Poser

For a brief period in the last year I followed singer David Crosby's activities on Twitter.  He has a very loyal fan base, and for a while I found it interesting to read his comments.  He is provocative, opinionated, and has absolutely no desire to hold back if asked to weigh in about other artists.  I notice that he often uses the word … Continue reading The Poser