In Solidarity

Brussels Airport Scene 3/22/2016. Source: BBC
Brussels Airport Scene 3/22/2016. Source: BBC

This blog is ostensibly about my experiences related to early retirement. I also enjoy exploring the imbecilic and absurdities of daily life so that we can all share in an occasional laugh.

Today I was all set to post something that falls into the latter category. However, suddenly I’m not in a laughing mood. The tragic series of events that took place in Brussels this morning once again underscore the deadly reality in which we now live our lives. It’s an absurdity of a different type, and one that is decidedly heartbreaking.

We tend to put on theoretical blinders in order to function from day to day, lest we succumb to the soul-crushing horrors of those whose sole intention is to defeat us both physically and emotionally. Survival is after all a precious human trait.

But we owe it to the innocents who were injured or killed today to remove those blinders and acknowledge what has taken place. That is the least we can do.

Laughter and silliness will be back soon enough. But not today. Or tomorrow either probably, at least for me.



6 thoughts on “In Solidarity

  1. Like you I struggle to find humor on days like today. We acknowledge although we can’t quite wrap our arms around it. I’ve read stories and points of view. It’s still hard for me to understand. Perhaps you need a more violent background than I had to fully understand. In the end we must move on or they will have won. Today belongs to Brussels.

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  2. It’s hard to feel optimistic about the world today. But then, I listened to Obama’s speech in Cuba and felt hopeful again. I don’t think we can ever understand what motivates this kind of evil, but there has been evil throughout our history and, somehow, good eventually has won.

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  3. Every time terrorist attacks occur I think back to the movie, Brazil, which anticipated these attacks in the western world quite vividly. I do not expect to see the attacks ending in my lifetime.

    But, hey, I didn’t expect an annoying TV personality to lead a party’s race for the White House in my lifetime either. That situation requires me to think back to the movie, Idiocracy.

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