Marty Made Me Write This.

To my regular followers, Doug might be a bit out of your comfort zone. But that’s his point anyway. He’s an undeclared poet laureate who endures cold Chicago winters and probably years of Ron Santo, North Side sadness. He might not be your cup of tea, but for those of you who like to take an occasional ride on political poetry, it’s my pleasure to share a master of the craft. He’s also a lover of vinyl and analogue, so he can’t be all bad.


Sorry ‘bout the delay in getting back, (Marty) ya’ll. But trying to parse the 100 proof of today’s politics requires that aforementioned bourbon pour, and after five three fingers in four hours, I’ve been clued that Coda Puppy and I, now, somehow, seem to age at the same rate. What was once just another night of some mid-shelf everyday sippin’ whiskey, now locks me down for a full twenty-four.

And to further whore my amateur bore… of the true way that our politics be…I offer for your consideration …. Young Paul the Tall and his very pretty, smart, and caring, Girl Next Door, Mary Ann. They’ve been best friends forever…since Radio Shack sold computers. Now in their early to mid twenties, and with spring in the…our young man’s fancy…Paul turns not to his Mary Ann. Paul’s hero’s journey is to score a walk down the aisle with his Ginger…

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Wabi-Sabi is Killing My Barcalounger

We're about to embark on some intensive furniture acquisitions at our home over the next several months. I'm fastening my seat belt for a steep learning curve on the finer elements of form, concept, and contrast. My own tastes can be fairly pedestrian, going back to my early adult years when everything was only ever … Continue reading Wabi-Sabi is Killing My Barcalounger

Hot Toddy Anyone?

  So why'd we move to Florida again? Oh, yeah, no state taxes. I forgot. The storm that's now beginning to hit upper northeast cities got its start yesterday off the Jacksonville coast, which is just up the road from us. We had windy conditions with a driving rain most of the day, and then … Continue reading Hot Toddy Anyone?

Auld Lang Insane

Well. That was certainly an experience. I'm speaking of 2017, of course. Or to use former president George W. Bush's more apt phrasing, "That was some weird shit." But never mind him, how did YOU make out, dear reader? Did you cringe with each news cycle or somehow just gut it out over the last … Continue reading Auld Lang Insane

Holiday Excursions and Diversions: Finding My Inner Grantham

What with two out-patient surgeries, plus the discomfort of having to walk around for eight days with a urologic stent implanted in me, your humble blogger and the missus took in some of the holiday festivities of our newly adopted home city. What's a little pain when you can stimulate the local economy and get into … Continue reading Holiday Excursions and Diversions: Finding My Inner Grantham

Flash Takes a Backseat

So where do your day-dream exploits take you? A celebrated chef? Perhaps a king of Wall Street traders? How about an Oscar win for best actor/actress? Are you famous beyond belief or just privately revered by a few? I've definitely had my share of Walter Mitty moments, almost all inspired by personal heroes of mine. … Continue reading Flash Takes a Backseat

Chump Change

For most of my adult life I've struggled with the fact that I keep very little money in my wallet. It's not that I wastefully piss it away or have no self-control, it's just that I purposely don't want to carry much around with me. I'm not worried about being mugged, nor am I concerned … Continue reading Chump Change

Gratitude 2017 From A-Z

Source: Worcester Polytechnic Institute As I ready myself to tie on the 'ol feedbag for today's Thanksgiving feast, I recognize that this is once again an appropriate time to acknowledge things in my life that offer perspective, hope, and especially gratitude. The past year has been nothing but a roller coaster of bombastic tirades against … Continue reading Gratitude 2017 From A-Z

A Deficit of Reason

Email Sent to Senator Marco Rubio, November 7, 2017: Dear Senator Rubio, I will make this brief. You are already on record as being a supporter for gun rights, and I have no illusions about changing your mind. However, as one of your constituents, I do ask for your consideration about one facet of gun … Continue reading A Deficit of Reason

Autumn Changes

Ah, yes, fall. Sweaters at the ready, school busses on the roads, pigs flying¹, and an early frost is on the pumpkin. Okay, the pumpkin part is merely poetic license. It's 75 degrees outside right now as I sit here typing. Still, it's fall here in Florida. The leaves on some of the trees have … Continue reading Autumn Changes