Avoiding the Cockroach Motel: Preparing for Hurricane Irma

I pulled into a gas station yesterday with my tank just above the 3/4 mark. In spite of reports of gas shortages around the state of Florida, I drove right up to empty pumps and unceremoniously topped off my tank to the tune of a cool $12.00. I drove off feeling smug and full of gas. … More Avoiding the Cockroach Motel: Preparing for Hurricane Irma


Our brains are full! Inspiration is so rampant that ideas are literally colliding with each other! Okay, okay, not really. The truth is the Royal We have decided that it’s time to take a hiatus from blogging pursuits. Or as we used to say as kids this time of year, Summer Vacation. We’ll return in … More Hiatus

Greasy Confessions

These are days of upheaval and transition. Yes, yes, the country is suffering from a buffoon in the White House. But I’m literally speaking about matters much closer to home– namely my own. We’re moving to our “forever home” in about two weeks, and the conditions in our current one are a mite lax. Specifically I’m … More Greasy Confessions

The Art of Being Out of One’s Depth

There is current discussion on whether our president has a complete grasp and understanding for the necessities required to fulfill the duties of his office. In particular, his awareness of the need for caution, restraint, and discretion. I can sort of relate to his predicament. Many years ago someone rather high in my workplace had a habit of … More The Art of Being Out of One’s Depth

Paper Chase

Dear Mortgage Broker: please know that you’ve gotten all from us that you possibly can. I think there’s an old statement savings book from 1974 that I still haven’t sent you, and there’s always our birth and marriage certificates. But the well is dry, Honey. We really haven’t got any more information to send you. We … More Paper Chase

Never Mind Stella, I Want *MY* Groove Back

I recently stepped into the home of a man who owns an incredibly impressive audio system sitting front and center in his living room. He had the largest set of speakers I have ever seen outside of a commercial establishment. Overkill? Perhaps, but they were a thing of beauty, encased in custom-made teak cabinets which in turn matched the modern Scandinavian decor of his … More Never Mind Stella, I Want *MY* Groove Back

What? Me Worry?

Let’s talk serendipity, shall we? I am amazed at the moment at how some obstacles are smoothed out simply by doing nothing. It’s the ultimate reward for procrastinators or those caught in what we in polite society refer to as “circumstances.” Naturally, it doesn’t happen very often. But when it does, I see it as a strike against all those authority … More What? Me Worry?

Cacti, Baseball, And One Very Cool Apollonia: A Visit to Arizona

I traveled to Arizona last week to spend a few days with my oldest sister. I haven’t seen her since the death of her husband last summer, and so it was time to check in on her in person to see how she’s doing. We keep in touch regularly, but it really is important to actually make an effort to be … More Cacti, Baseball, And One Very Cool Apollonia: A Visit to Arizona