The Impending Closure

The proverbial elephant in the room.

One blogger’s conundrum.

I could write about the coming open season for health insurance. However, I’ve already decided that last year’s post on the same topic is sufficient, and there’s really no need to do constant follow-ups. You can only test your readership’s patience so much with the same topic. Though, come to think of it, this never seems to stop that rascal Elyse from repeatedly bringing up the topic of bodily functions on her splendid blog. But hey, we all toot different horns.

I do have a post half-written about my new part-time job. In fact, I had been working on it over the last few days in the hopes of having it published and available online today. But a force bigger than me put an end to that process.

There’s an elephant in the room here in America.

We’re trying really hard not to focus on it, yet it still seems to suck the air out of the room anyway. We can’t totally get away from it; even some of our sleepless nights have been interrupted because of its jarring messages.

Our presidential election finally concludes tomorrow. I posted my own thoughts on both candidates earlier and have nothing new to add.

No one really has anything new to add for that matter. Those looking for last-minute Providence sadly won’t find it from any of the Fox News or MSNBC talking heads, nor the political print columnists at this point. Even Wikileaks ran out of… ‘umm, gas.

But I for one am relieved it’s all about to be over. Another four or five weeks of this and I’m sure there’d be a run on Xanax and Valium to get us through it.

Tomorrow night I will follow my nervous election night tradition of holding a clipboard with all fifty states handwritten on a sheet of paper along with their individual electoral votes. I’ll tally the numbers using my trusty Texas Instruments calculator, stolen from my last job sometime around 2008. CBS News will obviously give me this same information quicker and with very fancy graphics, but I prefer to do it all myself. It makes me feel like I’m part of what’s actually happening before my eyes.

Stolen office equipment!
Stolen office equipment!

For those who haven’t already voted via early voting or absentee ballot, please do vote tomorrow. You have no right to complain if you don’t make the effort to participate in the process.

To our friends in other countries, who through no fault or desire of their own, have had their news coverage dominated and hijacked by our sorry display of elective hijinks, I do hope that you are safely returned to a world that resembles something from approximately six months ago before we invaded it. I bet you’ll never bitch about having Seinfeld, Friends, and Everybody Loves Raymond cluttering up your TV landscape again, eh?

I for one am glad to be rid of those terrible political commercials, constant robo calls that came to our land line, plus the omnipresent candidate signs at traffic intersections.

Just breathe, folks. It’s almost over.

Until next time…

20 thoughts on “The Impending Closure

    1. People actually paid for those? I have to admit that when i saw that photo, I thought it had probably been a free giveaway at an AALL annual meeting or some such.

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  1. 1977 – Robert Hunter of the Grateful Dead –

    Lately it occurs to me: what a long, strange trip its been…

    1995 – Aaron Sorkin’s words spoken by Michael Douglas as President Andrew Shepherd in the film called The American President:

    And whatever your particular problem is, I promise you, Bob Rumson is not the least bit interested in solving it. He is interested in two things and two things only: making you afraid of it and telling you who’s to blame for it.
    Doesn’t that strike a chord 21 years later.? Back then, neither Sorkin nor Rob Reiner could have imagined that 2o years after they worked on that film, those words would be so reflective and meaningful now.

    As for it all being over tomorrow night, I must disagree. The loser may or may not concede. There could be an obstructionist Congress. There could be a contentious and lengthy period while we are all kept waiting for the next Supreme Court Justice to take a seat on that highest of all benches.

    The campaign has ended, as it must, but it will be replaced by partisanship which will begin again.

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    1. Indeed the rancor, bitterness, and divided government will only continue. That’s for sure, Mike. But something tells me that this election won’t be close at all, and it probably won’t matter if the loser won’t concede. Most of those around him will. At any rate, we’ll certainly find out 24 hours from now.

      I have a very tenuous connection to Aaron Sorkin. I’ll tell you about it via e-mail soon. The world is very small…


  2. I NEVER discuss politics…nor will I be watching the circus tonight. I will be watching my fantasy lover once again, try to break out of prison. I do not have my head buried in the sand, but I do not suffer fools easily. I don’t believe that God will tell us who to vote for (as one blogger suggests.)
    BTW…I distinctly remember coming to work one day back in ’08 and discovering that my trusty Texas Instrument calculator had disappeared.
    Loooosy….you have some splanning to do!

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  3. You and your (stolen) calculator reminds me of those guys (they are usually guys) at baseball games who keep the box scores. They could just look at the scoreboard, but no, that would be too easy. Have fun tonight… I’ll be celebrating (I hope) with a group of friends. I sure hope you are right about the election not being close. Then let’s see if the loser can be persuaded to put on his big boy underpants and concede.

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