Is Anybody Home?

Do you answer your phone every time it rings? Or do you consider all the various options at your disposal within microseconds of noticing that someone unknown to you is calling? Do you pick up? Let it go to voice mail? Just ignore it? I have to admit I hit the decline button on my …

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The Scapegoating Transformation

I'm giving up the facade. No longer am I going to worry about if I'm viewed as a generous or giving person; my true inner self is hereby released. Starting now I am following a righteous path to the genetic predisposition I've determinedly refrained from acknowledging my entire adult life. I'm a cheapskate. What brought …

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Early Retirement: Year Four Milepost

"Oh, God. Not another of these posts from him." "Yeah, 'fraid so." "Sneak away for a beer?" " <expletive deleted> yeah! I'm outta here..." My apologies ahead of time to those who come here solely for the inanity and preposterous-laden content; I do promise a return to absurd ramblings soon. But unfortunately bylaw #1.7(a)(4-3) of this blog's …

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