Cabernet Sauvignon, BMW’s, and Knee Replacements: Rock On!

With a few exceptions, the musical groups I enjoy now are the same as when I was younger. They're like a few old, comfortable flannel shirts still hanging in the closet. I can't imagine tossing them, and it's not even like I wear them very often. I just want the comfort of knowing they're still … Continue reading Cabernet Sauvignon, BMW’s, and Knee Replacements: Rock On!


Awe and Admiration

Our moving last year to a community that has a sizable senior population has been a surprisingly easy adjustment for us.  With the exception of some of the visiting snowbirds during the Season, we find nearly everyone with whom we come into contact to be welcoming, friendly, and interesting.  Since we are still quite young, I had been … Continue reading Awe and Admiration


In the last two weeks my wife has been told that she needs to wear a compression sock for a damaged foot, that she has hearing loss in both ears, and that a bone scan has confirmed the early onset of osteoporosis.  It comes as a bit of a shell-shock to process all of this in so … Continue reading Indignities