Taking a Taxing Break

Silly me.  It would appear that one cannot have a blog draft up and open on the laptop, the dining room table full of tax forms and receipts, and think that I can multi-task with both.  I fear if I try, my accountant is going to get one hell of a personal story, and all …

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Green Peeves

I worked at an apartment and golf course complex in the summers of my college years. I cleaned the clubhouse floors, bathrooms, and took care of light maintenance for the pool. Most of that work took place in the morning.  In the afternoons I mowed grass around apartment buildings. The rest of my co-workers all had very specific …

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Polar Vortex Retirement Observations

Watching the news coverage of the so-called Polar Vortex weather pattern hitting a good chunk of the country gives me a little perspective.  The stopping point of this huge storm hits at the most northern part of Florida panhandle.  We saw scenes from the midwest of snow, ice, and cars  bumping into one another, and …

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