24 thoughts on “March For Our Lives: St. Augustine 3/24/2018

  1. Marty, I am so glad to see you, and the others out there marching. (I can no longer march, but I was there in spirit).

    May this be the beginning of the end of gun violence and the NRA.

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  2. Great photos, Marty and a shout out to you for joining the march for life. It is something that people here in Australia have picked up with marches being organised by adults and school children alike.

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  3. Fantastic photos Marty!

    I am not yet home. Still in Washington DC.
    We were blessed with good weather.
    The energy was great. The people very respectful and peaceful.
    I am so pleased that I took part. The students spoke and we listen. It is about time!


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  4. Kudos to you! I am so proud of our youth today. I marched in the 60s. Against the war and for civil rights. There was some change but my generation went on to raise a generation that didn’t march or protest. Perhaps they didn’t feel the need but as the pendulum swings too far one way and the world changes there is a need. I see the next generation stepping up. Warms my heart.

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    1. I think that’s probably true especially with Generation X. But it is nice to see awareness on such a grand scale, and these Parkland kids in particular are nothing short of amazing. A good friend of mine is curious about their educational backgrounds which led up to all of this — in particular the elementary and middle school curricula given to them. That school system did something right.

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      1. I have been amazed. I know the parents from Sandy Hook tried really hard to rally the country and it didn’t take. I can’t believe that the NRA is taking such a severe stand. Seriously.


  5. I attended our local march as well. A very nice turnout, thanks to some agreeable weather. No civilian should own military grade weapons. How was that ever allowed?! In an op-ed piece in today’s New York Times, ex-Justice John Paul Stevens calls for an outright REPEAL of the second amendment. He’d better watch his back.

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    1. They were all really good signs. At first I was shy and careful not to include people’s faces out of concern for their privacy. Then I started to bold (or just careless?) and begin doing so, and I’m really glad I did. It added more of a human element to the shots obviously. It was very uplifting as all these things tend to be. I just hope this ultimately can make a difference and start to piss off more grandmas and grandpas.

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