A Deficit of Reason

Source: ABC News

Email Sent to Senator Marco Rubio, November 7, 2017:

Dear Senator Rubio,

I will make this brief. You are already on record as being a supporter for gun rights, and I have no illusions about changing your mind.

However, as one of your constituents, I do ask for your consideration about one facet of gun ownership which I truly struggle to understand: the need for semi-automatic assault weapons. For the life of me, I cannot comprehend their role in any sensible form. They cannot (or should not) be used for hunting. Nor can I imagine their use in the protection of one’s home. Other than inflicting mayhem and carnage, I remain aghast at a government that allows for their continued production and sale to the general public.

In your heart, Senator, I pray that you can someday join me in condemning all semi-automatic assault weaponry. Gun ownership is a right protected under our constitution. But for the love of God, are there no limits to that right?

The Texas church shooter used an assault rifle called an AR-556. In 2016 the NRA featured it as a “Gun of the Week“.

The president this morning said that gun laws would not have changed anything for the victims, that only people having easier access to guns will protect us. That’s a comfort I’ll think about the next time I sit in a restaurant, visit a house of worship, or use my gym. I’ll hope that I’m surrounded by guns.

Once again, we await some kind of reason to come to our country and its leadership. I have already privately said my thoughts for the 26 gunned down, plus their grieving families. But the only prayers I have going forward are for a change in Congress that will finally enact sensible gun control laws.

We owe at least that much to those who senselessly died.

13 thoughts on “A Deficit of Reason

  1. And let’s not forget that killing 58 people at a concert and 26 people at a church is recognized as an issue of mental illness, while killing 8 people by ramming a truck into a bike path does not count as mental illness and requires much more discussion and attention by the White House.

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  2. This is the third post in a row that I have read that wisely demonstrates that our OUTRAGE is needed. Thank you for writing to Senator Rubio. I hope that he reads and reflects.

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