Thoughts and Prayers: An Unhealthy Normal

I'm a news junkie. I follow events pretty much all day long as I go from one activity to the next, and I read from sources that are derisively labeled by some as mainstream. The whole term "mainstream media" during the last decade or so is an example of this cultural divide which is separating … Continue reading Thoughts and Prayers: An Unhealthy Normal


A Deficit of Reason

Email Sent to Senator Marco Rubio, November 7, 2017: Dear Senator Rubio, I will make this brief. You are already on record as being a supporter for gun rights, and I have no illusions about changing your mind. However, as one of your constituents, I do ask for your consideration about one facet of gun … Continue reading A Deficit of Reason

Blogger In Place

As I've written many times before here, this is a blog devoted to imbecility, comic exaggeration, and healthy doses of self-deprecation. After a 30+ year career in which I pretended to be a mild-mannered adult with serious aspirations, I now enjoy displaying my actual and true persona of being a total goof. I know I accomplished … Continue reading Blogger In Place

Interrupted By Evil

I have a draft sitting in my WordPress folder that I started 24 hours ago.  It's what I hope will be a comical look at vitamin consumption.  However, all yesterday afternoon and evening, and now in the light of a new day, my brain is unable to produce anything remotely creative.  Or at least what regularly substitutes for creativity … Continue reading Interrupted By Evil