Long Term Care Insurance: Channeling the Rumsfeldian ‘Known Unknowns’

With another healthcare open season just around the corner, Gorgeous and I are in the middle of some Big Discussions. Our talk is about the future, specifically a desire to predict the status of what our health will be in later years. It's admittedly a bit of a rhetorical exercise that harks somewhat "nostalgically¹" back to Donald Rumsfeld's … Continue reading Long Term Care Insurance: Channeling the Rumsfeldian ‘Known Unknowns’


One of my favorite movies is Albert Brooks' "Lost in America." There's a scene midway in the film when he wakes up in a Las Vegas hotel room only to find that his wife (played by Julie Hagerty) is downstairs in the casino losing all of their nest egg. Wearing his bathrobe, Brooks heads down to … Continue reading Down!

Neighborly Advice

I once had a professor who liked to joke about being grateful for his envious colleagues. He said that because of their own peculiar manners, they insured that no one one in close proximity could ever suffer from swollen head syndrome. He then explained how there was an unwritten custom in his department against anyone exhibiting the slightest outward display of pride or elation if one was fortunate enough … Continue reading Neighborly Advice

The “Rice For The Children” Defense

The stock market is tanking. If I understand it correctly, the initial reason stems from China having devalued its currency. For most of the day yesterday, it looked as if there might be a "correction to the correction."  Or more aptly put from all I've read about the Chinese economy, "a correction to the corruption." Alas, a recovery was not meant … Continue reading The “Rice For The Children” Defense