Memorial Day and The Little Grill That Could

My Facebook page is full of friends who are observing Memorial Day.  There are posts asking me to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of their country.  I am also seeing pictures of grandfathers, fathers, brothers, and now too, I'm inspired to note, mothers and sisters who have also proudly served our country's armed forces. Hats … Continue reading Memorial Day and The Little Grill That Could

“It’s All a Process”

A wonderful benefit of blogging under the WordPress umbrella is that you get to read the efforts of some very talented writers.  When a case of writer's block comes my way, lately an unfortunate weekly occurrence, I am heartened when I can read something by someone else that inspires me.  Or it makes me a terrible, plagiarizing copycat -- I'm not sure which. Today … Continue reading “It’s All a Process”