Old Friends

A recent contact from my oldest friend sends me upstairs to the attic of my memories... The apocryphal story was always told that our mothers met one day, liked one another immediately, and spontaneously tossed their toddlers into a playpen. From there the two boys became pals for life. Like most tales told many times over, it probably contains a fair amount of exaggeration. …

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Gate Envy

Hillary has a Gate again.  This current one is about emails.  Back in the nineties she had one regarding missing files.  Chris had a Gate last year dealing with bridges.  In looking up previous Gates, I discovered that even Justin and Janet had one when Janet's breast accidentally was exposed on live television.  So many people, it …

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“It’s All a Process”

A wonderful benefit of blogging under the WordPress umbrella is that you get to read the efforts of some very talented writers.  When a case of writer's block comes my way, lately an unfortunate weekly occurrence, I am heartened when I can read something by someone else that inspires me.  Or it makes me a terrible, plagiarizing copycat -- I'm not sure which. Today …

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