Continued Idle Thoughts: Raising Spirits and Eyebrows

(With respectful apologies to blogger Leslie at Praying for Eyebrowz)

Funny, the hair stylist makes this look so easy each time…”

Barber shops are now open here, but I remain resolute that I will steer clear of such perilous primp. I am, however, noticing that the ‘ol eyebrows are taking a frightful turn towards Leonid Brezhnev and Andy Rooney-like territory. I can do this… I think.

A public health specialist writes that we need to start accepting the fact that this virus will be around for an extended period. She proposes some ideas for how workplaces should operate going forward. One of them is to eliminate communal areas such as break rooms. I personally applaud this. It might have taken a pandemic, but I think we’ve finally figured out a way to keep Marge in procurement from stinking up the office when she microwaves her leftover fish dinners.

The president recently questioned the utility of testing people for the coronavirus. Specifically he said, When you test, you have a case. When you test, you find something is wrong with people. If we didn’t do any testing, we would have very few cases.He’s right, of course; I felt the same way back in school. If we had been given no tests, I’d have received fewer lectures from my parents.

Our financial advisor continues to baffle me. With stay-at-home orders loosening, he’s predicting that people will be in closer proximity to one another again. He’s therefore proposing that we take 20% of the nest egg and put it into perfume and deodorant stocks.

Hear me now and believe me later: It’s gonna be Kit Kat bars next. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

We bought a brand new car in early March, and this week the odometer hit 250 miles. At this rate, I assume the first tune-up and oil change will be in February of 2021.

Amidst all the bickering now about opening up or staying at home, there is some very sound advice offered by this wonderful Irish granny. I for one am submitting my credentials to her family to be formally adopted. Click here to watch her. If you haven’t seen her yet, prepare to be smitten.

A telemarketer called yesterday afternoon while I was sitting on the couch. Nice guy. We agreed to speak next week and catch up.

Airlines can’t seem to figure out exactly how physical distancing works in their cabins. Meanwhile, my inbox has a constant stream of messages from American and Delta, both trying to reassure and coax me to travel again. I’ve got news for them: it takes everything for me to walk into a Target store at the moment. No amount of warm nuts is suddenly going to get me on a flight anytime soon. I don’t care how many multiples of points you’re offering.

I had a feeling it might come to this: the below activity began recently in our home. The six readers of this blog might recall that our living room was painted only last year. These are not the best days for being a couch potato.

The moment she moves in front of the TV is when I’ll have to make some tricky deliberations on whether to say anything

Good news/bad news: the Chinese takeout has reopened! My heart sings with the news, as wonderful, greasy egg foo young will once again grace the inner linings of my stomach. However, I also noticed that someone vandalized their door recently. There are some truly hateful, disgusting people out there.

Unlike some people around here (whose name I won’t mention out of fear she’ll hand me a paint roller), I have been mostly restrained with all of my online commerce. Slowly, though, I am developing an affinity for a site called Discogs. For audiophiles like myself, it’s a magical land of never-ending thrills and chills. Slowly but surely, very thin cardboard boxes have begun to arrive at our door. Discogs makes Amazon look like child’s play for recordings.

I should end this because I suspect there are eyebrow clippings which need to be cleaned from the sink. But do stay safe, keep washing your hands, and remember what my soon-to-be Irish granny says about following the rules.

Until next time…

44 thoughts on “Continued Idle Thoughts: Raising Spirits and Eyebrows

  1. Well, that was fun. You gave me a good laugh. I’m so happy for you that you can finally get your longed-for Chinese food. I just read in The Business Journal’s “Executive Dining Guide”(remember Business Journal?) that all Sweet Tomatoes restaurants are closing. I’d hardly describe it as “executive dining” but they sure had great chocolate chip cookies.

    It is sad, really, just for the memories of how often I ate there with family. And friends. I also unfortunately remember Austin (as a toddler) shitting all over the floor in front of a hundred diners most likely taking the joy out of their mealtime. “Attention, There’s a situation in section 10. Hazmat crew required.” I used to eat there once or twice a month when we worked for Wagner & Racist, LLP, because it was located right next to the office. Gosh, just think, we’ll be sitting around In our rocking chairs some day saying things like, “Remember when there used to be restaurants that put a bunch of food out in the open and everyone served themselves from communal serving utensils, and sat at tables that were wiped down with just a dirty towel, if they wiped them down at all?”

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    1. Ha! What an, ‘er, “crappy” memory of little Austin enhancing the dining experience for so many. 🙂 I do recall Sweet Tomatoes. I cannot for the life of me consider going to that type of “homestyle” restaurant anymore. But you know what? I’m sure they’ll return someday. People love a bargain. It reminds me of that famous Far Side cartoon with a sign outside a science lab: “Cancerous rats 50% off”). 🙂


  2. Hi Marty, I am curious to hear how other areas are slowly opening up. This is our Long Weekend (Victoria Day weekend) and there will be some opening up after this weekend. The big concern is this can be a busy travel weekend and of course it is recommended to stay home. It is pouring rain today which is a bonus.

    I am sorry to hear about the vandalizing. Unfortunately it is happening here, too. Very rare, not condoned and quickly reprimanded.

    Don’t tell my husband I told you this, his hair is beginning to look a lot like Grandpa Munster. He won’t let me near him with scissors. And, yes, love is blind.🙂 I am heading over to listen to Grandma. Take care and stay well.

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    1. Hi, Erica. Yeah, things are slowly opening up. I personally am not pleased about it because I’m sure the infection rate will rise in parallel. But commerce always wins, so we have to each make individual judgments to protect ourselves and those we love. At some point the accounts I have for my part-time job will call me, and I’ll have to figure out what I’ll do. It’s only one day a week, but still.

      Re: hubby’s hair. Oh, man, I can relate to that. Gorgeous feels the same about mine, but I refuse to go into a barber shop. We do have clippers, so I think she’s going to do some magic for me. She, on the other hand, has an appointment this coming Friday at her salon. And so it goes.

      You stay well too, and many thanks for commenting.

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      1. We are mentally and physically preparing for what may/likely will happen with infection rates. We want to visit with our children, although I don’t know whether the timing is right, yet. Your Gorgeous has a flare for style and beauty. I am sure your hair will look great. 🙂🙏

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  3. Love Granny and avoid the paint roller at all costs. I was never a fan of buffets so I won’t miss anything but many will. Restaurants are slowly opening up here as of tomorrow, and we are seeing many going out of business because they can’t adhere to the new regs including one local favorite of 52 years. We’ve gotten take out, but I’m not envisioning eating ‘in’ a restaurant any time soon.

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    1. I’m with you, Judy. I was never a fan of buffets either for all the obvious reasons. So much is opening up here, and I’m not inclined to venture into most of these places. I will do carryout, but no sit down for me either. Hell, never mind others: I tend to be sneezer because of allergies; I’d rather not deal with the dirty looks.

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      1. Oh, my gosh, my husband has these sneezing fits because of allergies and he’s concerned about that too. We were eating out last fall at a casual restaurant, and he had one of his fits. This woman our age gave us a nasty glare that wouldn’t quit. I finally looked, smiled, and said – he’s not sick, he just has allergies. 🙂 Today, they’d probably call 911.

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  4. Ah yes, the mutant eyebrow hairs! I took a scissor to mine (again) just yesterday.
    We had a “Marge with leftover fish” at my old workplace too. It never bothered me but my staff used to complain. They probably also complained (behind my back) about my leftover curries and stir-fry’s being reheated, amongst many other things I am sure!😉


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    1. Ha! I was my own Marge on occasion. I was lucky enough for a handful of years to work alone. One afternoon, a few hours after lunch, I walked into the room where my microwave was located and was overwhelmed by the fumes of my own earlier lunch! What’s good for the goose…? 😊 Thanks, Deb!

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  5. You do a great summation of what is really going on during this pandemic. I especially like your take on the airlines, which is not my favorite business to begin with. I’m right there with you, if Target is too much for me right now, why would I even entertain the thought of flying?

    I look forward to learning when your first car tune-up is. You may be a little optimistic when it comes to your current projection. Just saying…

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    1. Ha! Yeah, the car maintenance prediction was my little self-deprecating goof, Ally. It’s just so strange to have this new car, and we’ve driven it so few times.

      Re: airlines. Yep, they’re our little corporate tragedies we’re constantly having to rush and save every 5-6 years. Hate them, yet I always grudgingly turn my proverbial cheek and just accept the bailouts.

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  6. I always enjoy your posts so much. But…you’ve already put 250 miles on your car…in 2 months? Bwahahahaha!
    I got the very first Infiniti…a J30…in 1993. I drove it for 22 years and it had just over 80k miles when I sold it.
    I really need to get out more! Oh wait! There’s a pandemic out there. Shucks!

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  7. First of all, thanks for the mention. Studly tried to get me to trim his eyebrows a few dats ago, and I said, “Do you even KNOW who you’re talking to?”
    Great post. I’m with you on social distancing. I’m not ready to fly. Not ready to venture into venues unless it’s absolutely necessary.

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    1. I used a beard trimmer and am exceedingly grateful for the guard at the top. I was successful, though am now even more impressed with the skill of my regular barber who can trim them in like five seconds flat. Yeah, no trips planned for the distant future at all.

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  8. Our PM gave a typically vague & unclear announcement on the lockdown easing arrangements for the UK … his staff are still busy clarifying. Suffice it to say, I worked from home before & have no plans to change that. Himself uses his significant presence while out working to ensure people respect social distancing around him. He largely succeeds – with the notable exception of during grocery shopping – Wednesday afternoons are quite the rant-fest as a result. I trimmed both his hair & eyebrows yesterday – but, again, that’s also the norm. He’s been eyeing up my hair and the clippers though – not unreasonably as it’s hugely overdue cutting & looks positively “wild man of Borneo”. I know there’ll be a decision to make there soon even though no salon’s are open here yet.

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    1. Sounds like you’re both being prudent in a an ambiguous environment. It runs that way here from state to state, and even county to county. Everything is opaque and inconsistent, and one is uncertain from one day to the next what the proper protocols are. I am resolute that I won’t set foot in a barber shop, and am not bothered in the least about my appearance above the neck. Gorgeous is troubled by it, though, so I guess I’ll be facing her clippers in short order.


  9. Thanks for sharing granny. Oh my, she’s the spitting image of my mom. Of course, my mom has a Brooklyn NY accent, but she’d say almost the same thing! LOL.

    We are heading to our Florida place for a month. Waffled back and forth on it, but figured we can not do as many things there as here (Ohio)… and the weather and back yard there are much better. Yes, here it is 60 and raining today. Hopefully the driving will be OK – I’m planning lots of masks, hand sanitizer, and gloves for gas station stops! And packing snacks.

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    1. Isn’t she just the best thing? I just love her.

      You’re coming down at a good time. Not only are things opening up again (probably too many, but that’s a whole other topic), but the highway checks at the Florida/GA border I believe are a thing of the past. It was bordering on paranoia there for a while, pardon the pun. Travel safe and happy trails.

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  10. As someone who is severely eyebrow-challenged, I really resent you complaining about too much hair! That just hurts. I’m pretty sure my husband would let me get that close to “his” TV with a paint roller. That looks like something I would do so he’d take over the job so nothing is harmed. Nothing like a few paint splatters on the screen to get a man’s attention.

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    1. Ha ha, true enough, Janis! We managed to get by paining the living room with no splatter, so we’re good… probably for another at least. 😉

      My hirsute look is probably headed for a “happy ending” of sorts soon. Gorgeous has found the clippers, and I fear a major haircut will be undertaken within a few days. If that’s the worst of my problems, I guess I’m doing just fine.

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