Down is Not Very Far

I received some disturbing news recently about someone I know who has depleted all of their savings. It wasn't a surprise; the behavior they've displayed over the last several years was marked by a complete lack of discipline along with a profound and reckless disregard for consequences. A devil-may-care attitude, if you will. Although the … Continue reading Down is Not Very Far


Playing Catch Up

Recently a former co-worker and I were discussing our respective retirement incomes. She ended one of her emails to me quoting the old adage about money not buying happiness. And she's right, it certainly cannot. But her mentioning this familiar phrase did get me to think about how the choices we make in search of happiness … Continue reading Playing Catch Up

Rethinking My 401(K) Strategy

Don't you just love blog posts with snappy titles such as the one above?  Nothing, I repeat nothing, gets hormones raging and testosterone pumping than retirement finances.  It's enough to send you... well, for a really long nap.  May I offer you a pillow and some chamomile tea?  Some more Mantovani perhaps? Gorgeous insists that no matter … Continue reading Rethinking My 401(K) Strategy

A Glass to Hold

Idioms and proverbs are crowding up my thought processes today.  I currently have a bird in the hand, and it is staring contemptuously at a half-empty glass sitting near me.  The glass and the bird are competing for my attention.  The bird keeps telling me that I mustn't cry over spilled milk, and further adds that I have … Continue reading A Glass to Hold

The Seven Dollar Surprise

The new year has ushered in another milepost for my retirement.  Last weekend I received in the mail the final amount of my monthly pension.  Since I retired in August, I have been receiving an interim payment until my former employer finalizes my annuity. Fortunately the annuity is merely one leg of my three-legged retirement income stool. … Continue reading The Seven Dollar Surprise