Forcin’ the Endorphins

It was nine months ago that we quit our previous gym membership in Oregon shortly before I retired and relocated to Florida.  When I last blogged on this topic in November, we were considering using the fitness center at our community's clubhouse.  "Fitness Center" is what those second-rate chain hotels call the small, cramped rooms that hold their exercise equipment.  Sadly, our little community here … Continue reading Forcin’ the Endorphins

Tranquility? Or a Killing Field?

The community where we live is surrounded by a golf course.  The entire property is  beautifully landscaped with lush, tropical plantings and many water ponds.  On our morning and evening walks we will often stop to watch wildlife such as egrets, pelicans of all varieties, blue herons, pink flamingos, soft-shell turtles, and alligators.  Occasionally a couple … Continue reading Tranquility? Or a Killing Field?