Dignity in the Eye of the Beholder

We see them on the sides of roadways, interstates, under bridges, and at dangerous intersections.  They are those plastic memorials to remember those killed in an accident. Each are constructed to be weather-proof so that they can withstand the punishment of a hard rain or snowstorm.  I often look at them as I drive swiftly by, wondering more … Continue reading Dignity in the Eye of the Beholder

Discourteous Habits

Dearest Readers, my sincerest apologies for information that I am about to convey.  It is not my intention for this blog to be a reservoir of personal hygiene indiscretions.  Those are certainly better left for the privacy of my non-posting life.  However, a recent and persistent habit of your humble blogger ultimately reached a level today where it necessitates … Continue reading Discourteous Habits