What? Me Worry?

Let's talk serendipity, shall we? I am amazed at the moment at how some obstacles are smoothed out simply by doing nothing. It's the ultimate reward for procrastinators or those caught in what we in polite society refer to as "circumstances." Naturally, it doesn't happen very often. But when it does, I see it as a strike against all those authority … Continue reading What? Me Worry?


Birthday Benevolence

This coming Saturday is my wife's birthday. We are currently wrapping out heads around how we'll spend the day and also what kind of present to get for her. She's already rejected going to a fancy restaurant for a meal that would exceed $100. I've since offered her an item off her bucket list for a present, along … Continue reading Birthday Benevolence

Can I Get an ‘Amen Please?

So good things can happen in divorce after all.  One very tough lesson both in my career and certainly so far in retirement has been that absolutely nothing happens when you hope it will.   Whether it's been a raise, a promotion, a new job, or an early retirement offer, I have consistently had to experience … Continue reading Can I Get an ‘Amen Please?