Awe and Admiration

Our moving last year to a community that has a sizable senior population has been a surprisingly easy adjustment for us.  With the exception of some of the visiting snowbirds during the Season, we find nearly everyone with whom we come into contact to be welcoming, friendly, and interesting.  Since we are still quite young, I had been …

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Wine, Martinis, Popcorn, M&M’s, and… Weight-Loss?

One of the gravest of concerns I had prior to retiring was whether my belly and bank account would each meander in an inverse direction from the other.  Just to be clear, I am speaking of a fat belly and a thin bank balance.  It therefore came as somewhat of a surprise yesterday to learn that I …

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Forcin’ the Endorphins

It was nine months ago that we quit our previous gym membership in Oregon shortly before I retired and relocated to Florida.  When I last blogged on this topic in November, we were considering using the fitness center at our community's clubhouse.  "Fitness Center" is what those second-rate chain hotels call the small, cramped rooms that hold their exercise equipment.  Sadly, our little community here …

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