Is Anybody Home?

Do you answer your phone every time it rings? Or do you consider all the various options at your disposal within microseconds of noticing that someone unknown to you is calling? Do you pick up? Let it go to voice mail? Just ignore it? I have to admit I hit the decline button on my …

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Quaint Partisan Hindsight: Surviving the Election Season

I recently finished Gore Vidal's last memoir, Point to Point Navigation (2006 Vintage International). It was a disappointing read, written by someone who at the end of his life was bitter about nearly everything. Although in fact a very thin book, it took me weeks to complete. My own deliberate stubbornness in having to finish something that …

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Imports and Exports

In the aftermath of the recent riots in Baltimore, Karen Attiah of the Washington Post wrote a clever account of the events as if actually reported by foreign press outlets.  I enjoyed her satirist execution because it mirrors a similar kind of hypocritical arrogance that western media employ when reporting or discussing the treatment of minorities and ethnic groups in other countries.  Americans are always …

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