Quaint Partisan Hindsight: Surviving the Election Season

I recently finished Gore Vidal's last memoir, Point to Point Navigation (2006 Vintage International). It was a disappointing read, written by someone who at the end of his life was bitter about nearly everything. Although in fact a very thin book, it took me weeks to complete. My own deliberate stubbornness in having to finish something that … Continue reading Quaint Partisan Hindsight: Surviving the Election Season

Imports and Exports

In the aftermath of the recent riots in Baltimore, Karen Attiah of the Washington Post wrote a clever account of the events as if actually reported by foreign press outlets.  I enjoyed her satirist execution because it mirrors a similar kind of hypocritical arrogance that western media employ when reporting or discussing the treatment of minorities and ethnic groups in other countries.  Americans are always … Continue reading Imports and Exports