Retirement Pitfalls

Until I received my latest copy of NARFE Magazine¹, I suddenly realized that I hadn't fully considered all of my post-retirement options. I've thought about employment, non-employment, travel, reading, writing, and lots of television viewing.  But one thing I never considered was prison.  Prison does offer an opportunity for great writing.  Martin Luther King Jr., Oscar Wilde, … Continue reading Retirement Pitfalls

Endearments, Expressions, and Sanctions

When you marry for the second time, you slowly come to realize that you and your spouse each have different frames of reference.  Prior to this marriage there was a previous one where words and phrases were used differently.  Things were said and joked about in that relationship, and from those moments a different "marital lexicon" of sorts was created. … Continue reading Endearments, Expressions, and Sanctions

The Folded-Up Paper in My Wallet

Another blogger recently posted a very eloquent piece on self-fulfillment that is quite moving.  She writes about a list that she created over two years ago but forgot about until just recently when she discovered it again.  Her list details personal needs and goals that she hoped to achieve during what was then a low moment in her life. That she has been … Continue reading The Folded-Up Paper in My Wallet

Then Again, Maybe I Just Like How it Tastes

For a period of about ten years I lived, breathed, and thought about wine nearly every day. I subscribed to weekly food and wine newsletters from major California and Oregon newspapers, read books on wine making, and used words such as terroir and varietal. I'm sure I said those words when I visited wine stores, or at a dinner table with friends and family.  I would … Continue reading Then Again, Maybe I Just Like How it Tastes