What? Me Worry?

Let’s talk serendipity, shall we? I am amazed at the moment at how some obstacles are smoothed out simply by doing nothing. It’s the ultimate reward for procrastinators or those caught in what we in polite society refer to as “circumstances.” Naturally, it doesn’t happen very often. But when it does, I see it as a strike against all those authority … More What? Me Worry?

Retirement Pitfalls

Until I received my latest copy of NARFE Magazine¹, I suddenly realized that I hadn’t fully considered all of my post-retirement options. I’ve thought about employment, non-employment, travel, reading, writing, and lots of television viewing.  But one thing I never considered was prison.  Prison does offer an opportunity for great writing.  Martin Luther King Jr., Oscar Wilde, … More Retirement Pitfalls

A Glass to Hold

Idioms and proverbs are crowding up my thought processes today.  I currently have a bird in the hand, and it is staring contemptuously at a half-empty glass sitting near me.  The glass and the bird are competing for my attention.  The bird keeps telling me that I mustn’t cry over spilled milk, and further adds that I have … More A Glass to Hold

Cupid’s Ironic Aim

I am fastening my seat belt for what might be a disappointing Valentine’s Day.  As I type this early on Saturday morning (Valentine’s Day), my wife is in the bedroom sleeping very hard.  I could say that a very loud sound is emanating from the room, but she is adamant that she does not snore. Tip O’Neill … More Cupid’s Ironic Aim

Endearments, Expressions, and Sanctions

When you marry for the second time, you slowly come to realize that you and your spouse each have different frames of reference.  Prior to this marriage there was a previous one where words and phrases were used differently.  Things were said and joked about in that relationship, and from those moments a different “marital lexicon” of sorts was created. … More Endearments, Expressions, and Sanctions

Stubbornly Unemployed

January is the month that I said I would start looking for part-time work.  I wouldn’t call my efforts robust by any stretch of the imagination, but I have at least applied for a handful of job openings.  I write this right now with an ambivalent, cum Eva Peron attitude that murmurs low with a melodic verse of I … More Stubbornly Unemployed

The Folded-Up Paper in My Wallet

Another blogger recently posted a very eloquent piece on self-fulfillment that is quite moving.  She writes about a list that she created over two years ago but forgot about until just recently when she discovered it again.  Her list details personal needs and goals that she hoped to achieve during what was then a low moment in her life. That she has been … More The Folded-Up Paper in My Wallet

Stocks and Stares

A friend of my wife’s recently wanted my thoughts on a stock that she is holding.  She bought a couple hundred shares of a fast-moving penny stock that has returned an incomprehensible 62% for the last six weeks.  Why she wanted my opinion I’m not sure. I assume Gorgeous must have mentioned in passing that I enjoy reading about the stock … More Stocks and Stares