One of my favorite movies is Albert Brooks' "Lost in America." There's a scene midway in the film when he wakes up in a Las Vegas hotel room only to find that his wife (played by Julie Hagerty) is downstairs in the casino losing all of their nest egg. Wearing his bathrobe, Brooks heads down to … Continue reading Down!

Retirement Pitfalls

Until I received my latest copy of NARFE Magazine¹, I suddenly realized that I hadn't fully considered all of my post-retirement options. I've thought about employment, non-employment, travel, reading, writing, and lots of television viewing.  But one thing I never considered was prison.  Prison does offer an opportunity for great writing.  Martin Luther King Jr., Oscar Wilde, … Continue reading Retirement Pitfalls

The Tin Ear

My wife doesn't seem to appreciate my songwriting abilities, specifically the most recent one titled "Medicated Shampoo Wednesday."¹  She thinks even less of its companion piece, "Medicated Shampoo Saturday," which in fact is actually the same exact song performed on, you guessed it, Saturday.   Like other artists since the beginning of time, I suffer through spoken and unspoken … Continue reading The Tin Ear