Quick Storm Update

Normally I don’t bother with updates, opting to start fresh with every post. But so many of you sent messages of concern and support over the last 48 hours, that I just wanted to write a quick message of thanks.

We were very fortunate. We never lost power, though the lights did flicker constantly throughout the hours as Ian made its way north. Our region suffered no direct damage from Hurricane Ian, as it went out to sea around Daytona Beach. It’s now reformulated back to Hurricane strength and is heading towards Georgia and South Carolina (sending good thoughts your way, Laura!).

Throughout the day yesterday our phones were buzzing with warnings of flood alerts…

St. Augustine’s downtown historic district flooded heavily, especially with the high tide that came in yesterday afternoon. But by today the streets are back normal and they’ll just be working on cleaning and mopping up.

Downtown St. Augustine. Source: St. Augustine Record

The city of Fort Myers sustained the storm’s worst assault with tragic damage to homes and businesses. Please join me in making a donation to the Red Cross to help with relief efforts there and other communities also affected. You can do so by clicking on this link.

30 thoughts on “Quick Storm Update

  1. Oh, Marty, this is good news … about your situation, that is. Thanks for letting us know. The scale of the devastation wrought by Ian is mind-blowing. And it looks like there is more to come further up the coast.

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  2. Glad to hear your boots on the ground are still grounded. Ha-thanks for the mention, Marty! As you know hurricanes can change intensity and direction on a dime. And this one is slated to heavily affect inland areas, too. So for now our biggest window of concern begins around noon when Ian lands near/at Myrtle Beach. (Florence is about 60 miles SE of MB) Until then, our ‘waiting’ is quite pleasant…but not to be lulled into thinking it’s nothing of consequence! Will let ya know when we’re on the other side here in your comments.

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      1. Not officially over for our area till 7ish…but things here are fine – soggy, swampy, rainy but fine. It always gets me when people start thinking it ‘wasn’t that bad of a storm’ and it was ‘overhyped’ because they got off easy…we got off easy (felt more like an amped up South Carolina rainstorm with wind), but know in other areas Ian was an horrific hurricane. Especially in your state, and Puerto Rico.

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    1. Hey, Janis. We knew from the track before it hit land on the Gulf side that it would be lowered to tropical storm status by the time it came to us. So that was somewhat of a relief, but of course tropical storms can also be deadly. As far as its eventual path, we saw its change the night before, with it going out to the ocean by the time it hit Daytona Beach (an hour south of us). So we knew when we woke up yesterday morning that we would just have outer core winds thankfully. So many in the Gulf area, particularly Fort Myers, were tragically hit by it, though.

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  3. Thanks for the update and for letting us know you and Gorgeous are alright. Even though we haven’t received a lot of news while here in Nepal, we did hear about the big Florida hurricane Ian. Been thinking about you. Take care!

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  4. A great check in with good news. My daughter’s friend lives in St. Augustine and gave us similar news. Those warnings are so scary! My college friend lives in Venice – just second year – and this was her first hurricane. She was terrified. Take care during the clean up!


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