So I Married A Psychic

Model portrayal not my actual wife!    Source:
Model portrayal not my actual wife!                                Source:

Because I refer to her so much, I do get the occasional email from readers asking what it’s like living with a psychic.  I’ve put off writing this post for a long time mostly because it has nothing to do with me.  But due to an ever-increasing number of requests (FULL DISCLOSURE: there’s been a terrible case of writer’s block lately), I am happy to finally oblige…

I have known my wife for over 40 years.  We first met when she was my stalker in junior high school (discussed earlier here).  She gives me a hard time about that time period today (“you were always running away from me!”), but I do vaguely recall feeling ill at ease with how she was able to get past an outer shell that I had apparently constructed as a young teenager.  She could so easily connect to my wavelength, and I found that equally disconcerting.  In the contemporary slang, she got me.  I was trying my hardest to stay hidden, but she so effortlessly channeled right into my conscious being.  I sort of understood what she was doing at the time, and I found it to be intimidating.

As I look back on it now, there were certainly indications that she was different from my friends and peers.  She always had this very perceptive way of telegraphing to someone that she understood whatever it was they were saying, or more often not saying.  I have a vivid memory of her coming into school early one morning and talking to herself as she headed to her locker.  This was unusual behavior for her because she was (and still is) always very controlled in her public demeanor.  She says she doesn’t remember this incident, but I believe it helps explain a very important episode that took place for her later; an episode that opened her eyes into understanding a gift that has always been in her possession.

Gorgeous’s psychic gifts are passed down through three generations.  While she is the only one in her family to actually pursue it as a calling, she can trace the ability at least back to her maternal great-grandmother.  Both her mother and aunt have an inherent ability that has never been tapped, and the same thing is true with a sister who at times dabbles with her own skills.  Her brother, “Big Guy,” shows a certain tendency in having a capacity for it, though in his case I doubt he would ever pursue it.  It’s also very apparent to me that Gorgeous’ daughter may have this gift too, though to my knowledge hasn’t explored it (Hi, A).

I don’t know if psychic abilities can be taught or learned (I’m told they can be), but what I am certain of is that there is a genetic predisposition for it in families in which it has already been demonstrated.

After a childhood and adolescent period of having accustomed herself to seeing or hearing what may have been spirits and angels, and because she had heard her grandmother, mother, and aunt discuss the phenomenon so openly, Gorgeous quite literally thought everyone was at least familiar with such metaphysical occurrences.  There were no Hollywood-type “I see dead people” moments for her.  It wasn’t something she ever talked about with friends.  She was not embarrassed by it, she was just more interested in the things that girls at her age usually are.  She regarded the voices, spirits, and angels around her to be nothing more to her than mere “noise.”  They didn’t haunt her, they didn’t scare her.

A defining moment in her adult life, however, happened in her early twenties when she was on her way home from a funeral.  Talking with her companions in the car, at one point she said aloud, “Oh, for God sakes, I wish the noise would stop so we could all hear one another!”   Of course, no one knew what the hell she was talking about, and that was the very moment at which Gorgeous came to realize that this was something unique about herself only.  There would be no further public utterances about this topic until she understood it better.  Nonetheless, that was the precipitating incident that inspired her to start on a journey to understand, appreciate, and harness her gifts.

There’s an awful lot that happened after that episode.  She went on to have a long-term relationship with a man, lived on a farm, raised a child, became fascinating with gourmet cooking and baking, and shared a love in hunting vintage collectibles with a very close friend.  Her interest in the metaphysical continued but in a very low-key way.

Then life smacks you in the face.

In the year prior to our being reunited, Gorgeous was rushed to the hospital suffering from extreme damage to her pancreas.   For several minutes after arrival to the emergency room, she was considered clinically dead before somehow miraculously coming back to life.  She thankfully recovered after surgery and an 11 day stay in that hospital.

The near-death experience gave her a new clarity for how she wanted to live the rest of her life.  She promised herself two things:  (1) To find out whatever happened to that incredibly handsome and debonair boy from her youth, and (2) to make a decision that the rest of her life would be devoted to finally exploring her full psychic and metaphysical talents. There would be no more “dabbling” in it.  She wanted to know and understand all of it.   She accomplished this through classes, seminars, and training with a world-renowned channeler.  Later, she independently studied the therapeutic qualities of minerals, the healing energy of crystals, aromatherapy, and also the pseudoscientific arts of Reiki and Life Force Energy.   In time she became a Reiki Master to enhance her psychic and channeling skills.

After we reunited, and she eventually moved in and later married me, Gorgeous began to use her full skills to help others as a professional.  She now has clients with whom she speaks on a regular basis, some of them several times a week.  She has a client who is a Hollywood actress, one that is a lap dancer in London, and another is an engineer in Dubai.  Still another is a real estate investor who buys and sells commercial properties in Washington, DC.  They come from all walks of life.

Gorgeous practices her abilities in basically two arenas.  She works as an advisor on a psychic web site using a pseudonym for both phone and chat consultations.  She also has her own private clients, offering in-person and phone readings.  Going between the two of those platforms, her days are usually full.  A typical day is one in which she has previously- scheduled appointments with one or two private clients, followed by fulfilling requests from the commercial site.  Many of her clients live in the Pacific time zone, and so her evening hours tend to run late.  It can make for a sometimes confusing world of competing demands.

My only admonition as her spouse is that I don’t allow any in-person readings with men. They may contact her for phone or chat sessions only.  A husband can assert his privilege.

The main question that I usually get on a regular basis is what it’s like being married to a psychic.  Can my psychic wife constantly read my mind?  Does she know ahead of time all of my desires, wishes, or worse– my mischievous actions?   The general answer to that is no.  As she’s explained it to me, psychic abilities are obtained through energy that is transmitted through one being to another.  The closer one is to someone — be it a spouse, a family member, a co-worker, etc. — the more interconnected the energy becomes. When that energy becomes too close, the intimacy of the relationship can hinder the ability to read someone effectively.  As a result, the information that ultimately comes back is muddied and not very clear.  At least this is how Gorgeous has explained it to me.  For all I know, that’s nothing but a snow job designed to prevent me from knowing that in fact she actually is fully aware of my staring at Lady Mary on Downton Abbey a little too longer than I should be.

A question never asked, but what I like people to know, is that I am never privy to the details of the readings Gorgeous gives. This is especially true if someone I personally know had made an appointment to speak with her.   Privacy is especially important to people who share intimate details of their life, and I am proud of her strong ethic regarding this. Sometimes, though, there are strangers who do come to her with the most outlandish or over-the-top questions that can hardly be believed.  I do get to hear some of those occasionally.  To wit:

There was the woman who used the commercial site’s bonus of a complimentary three-minute reading.   She wanted to discuss her fear that her husband’s life was in danger. Gorgeous earnestly began to describe someone to her and unfortunately only got a part of the way through before the time expired.  Then she sat fully expecting the woman to purchase additional minutes to discuss the situation some more.  But the woman never added her own funds when the free reading ended.  You’d think that would be something a person would want to follow-up on!

My all-time favorite moment is one that both took place publicly and I had a front-row seat to witness it.  A new bartender was told by his colleague that Gorgeous was a psychic. He then challenged her to tell him about himself, and I watched with pride as she nailed every single aspect of this man’s life from the kind of car he wanted to buy, past and present boyfriends, and finally to the great pride that he was currently feeling about a niece’s academic success.  Watching all of this with great interest were two women sitting nearby. Pretty soon they got into the conversation, asking Gorgeous questions.  Now mind you, this part of our life is generally quite private.  We don’t as a rule go out advertising what Gorgeous does for a living.  But hey, bars can be fun places sometimes.

At one point while speaking to the women, Gorgeous asked if either of them had known of someone who had been in a bad car accident.  Both said no, but she still pursued it some more.  Both women looked at one another and again said no.  They moved on to other subjects, the fun continued for a while, and then much to Gorgeous’ relief the conversation ended and we eventually sat with one another and enjoyed the rest of our evening quietly.

Many weeks later, one of the women saw us again sitting at the bar and came up to say hello.  She asked if we remembered her, and then began to recount the moment from several weeks before when Gorgeous asked about an accident. The woman told us that immediately after leaving the bar that evening, she got a call from her very closest friend who informed her that her husband had been tragically killed in an auto accident at exactly the moment that Gorgeous had asked about it.

Both of us sat there with our mouths wide open. Gorgeous immediately responded by telling this woman how awful this news was, that sometimes images like that do come to her and that she has to make a decision on whether to mention them or not.  The woman politely listened as Gorgeous offered more apologies about how this came about, how bad she felt for her friend, and how absolutely tragic it all was to hear.  When Gorgeous stopped speaking the woman without a beat said,“Uh-huh, so tell me: what do you see happening in my life?  Will I get married in the next couple of years?”  

She apparently got over her friend’s loss pretty quick!

While I happily play the part of proud husband, Gorgeous prefers for the most part to keep her efforts quietly in the background.  For instance, while I eagerly respond to questions about what my wife does, she will instead mention her painting, her cooking, and her baking.

My own family hasn’t quite figured out how to process the fact that I am married to a psychic.  A nephew, amused with the situation, likes to challenge Gorgeous to see if she can get something right.  A sister, devoutly religious, chooses to completely ignore it in conversation or email correspondence.  With her it becomes the proverbial elephant in the room.

Gorgeous was told many years ago by a mentor that anyone with a gift such as hers unfortunately results in not having any friends.  In some respects this has turned out to be true.  There is often a dynamic in the people with whom she meets where ultimately someone will take advantage of their association and continually spring questions upon her.  Suddenly what she thought would be a nice lunch or coffee date has instead become a formal reading.  As a result, it makes her wary about establishing new friendships.

But since this is after all a blog by, for, and about ME, I can say the experience of being married to such a person is nothing but fascinating.  The occasional anecdotes I do get to hear about — when lost pets are found, or someone getting precisely the job that Gorgeous said he/she would several months earlier — keep me continually amazed by her gift.  And yet, with all of her skills, I still can’t get her to give me the winning lottery numbers.

I’m proud of my lovely wife, and I greatly admire the fact that she’s discovered her passion in life.  It’s not every day that someone actually gets to fulfill a desire and see it come to fruition.



26 thoughts on “So I Married A Psychic

  1. Her profession is a lot like a doctor or lawyer with people seeking free services at cocktail parties. I have always made it a point never to do that although I often get asked serious complex employment questions (I worked in human resources). If there is a margarita in my hand I recommend they google their question. This is a great post. In college I took a class on the paranormal. I was fascinated by it. Personally I don’t have the gift but I do a the ability to assess people for who they are which was very helpful in my field.

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    1. Oy, I’ve made that mistake with doctors before (sister of my brother-in-law). She was kind, but I later figured it out for myself that you really don’t take advantage of people. I like your Margarita suggestion. If someone asks you when you’re having a drink they suffer the consequences!


      1. You have stirred up some memories of those questions. I’d love to do a post on it but the person who asked the most complicated asinine question (and it was a doozy involving her daughter — at least I talked her out of filing a lawsuit) reads my blog. I need an anonymous blog to post the really good stuff!

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  2. I don’t have any personal experience being around anyone who is psychic, but I’ve always admired how they have to surround themselves with good energy in order for it to be effective. The only thing I can say that I share with them is that I’ve always been told that people are very comfortable in my presence, so in that way, I feel a sort of kinship, at least as far as exchanging positive energy between strangers. I’m sure there are fascinating and interesting aspects of having psychic ability, but I’m sure it also carries its own fair share of burdens, too, such as the difficulty in maintaining deep friendships to avoid constantly being pestered to perform. Good for her for following her passion, and exploring her gift (and for finding that boy from school, too). 🙂

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  3. I just HAD to read this. As a psychic medium I resonated so much with how you describe your wife. It’s also interesting how you describe the different family interactions. I also relate to the limited friends. Either they are asking for my insights or they are paranoid I am getting something and not telling them. Yes, I get a lot of information about most people, but I also recognize that they keep it private for a reason and so I keep it to myself. Anyhow, this was great! And your wife is beautiful, she had a lovely energy about her.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much first for reading my post, but secondly for your very kind comments. I will certainly pass your wonderful compliment on to her. Yes, it can be a struggle for her to interact with some friends and family. As you seem to well know yourself, you have to take your “lumps” sometimes. Tks again for taking the time to read and comment.


  4. Wow, she really is gorgeous! I consider myself a skeptic, but I also can’t deny that there is much that can’t be explained “logically.” If her gifts help, that’s really all that matters. It saddens me that people try to take advantage of her: I bet she would make a wonderful friend.


    1. Thank you for such nice comments! I’ll make sure she sees what you wrote.

      Yes, my logical side is constantly skeptical about all of this too. But sometimes she just blows me away with that she is able to determine and see.


  5. To pursue one’s ‘gift’ is, in my opinion, a great step towards living a very fulfilling life. To earn an income doing something that comes naturally often doesn’t feel like work at all but the money is, of course, a nice incentive to stay motivated on the days one may rather to not be bothered. Kudos to your lovely wife. It’s so sweet how proud you are of her 🙂

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